Monday, April 26, 2010

April 24 - 26 Garner State Park

We packed up and left D'Hanis Sat evening at 5:25 pm.  We headed up to Garner State Park for the first time - it is about 38 miles from Lone Star Corral...what a jewel this park is! 

The only fly in the ointment is that you can't reserve specific sites, so by the time we get here on Sat all the good 'shade' spots are taken :(  However, even the ones in full sun are nice...they have over 400 sites - with about 250 of them with electric and water, and 45 full hookups - there is several dump stations as well.

We decided on Sunday to go for a drive around the area - we went to Leakey, then up to Camp Woods, circled down to Uvalde and then back past the park and on to Utopia.  We had lunch at Camp Woods at a place called 'The Sweet Shop' and we do NOT recommend it.  I ordered a Patty Melt that was not grilled, but put on toast - and 'crisp' french fries that were limp and dripping way was the grease hot enough to fry them in.  David got the chili and cornbread - the chili was like sloppy joes - and the cornbread was so dry that it was like eating sawdust.  We each had ordered a milkshake, expecting a big tin container and a glass full - since it was $3.50 each...instead we got a 16 oz styrofoam cup.  What a disapointment!    If we go back to Camp Woods we will NOT be eating there!

We took lots more wildflower pictures - I'll post a couple here, but they simply do not do justice to the scenery!  This park also has swimming in the Nueces River - paddle boats and kayaks too!  We will definitely come back here again - and in the not too distant future! 

Sunday evening we celebrated our anniversary - it's been 1 year since we lived in a stix and brix house :)  We are still loving living in the motorhome - and each other :)  We had a lovely spaghetti & meatballs dinner with salad and garlic toast - and a lovely bottle of white zin as well...yum!

This morning Cinder and I took a nice long walk, then I made a good breakfast - pancakes, sausage and eggs - about 10 which will hold us until about 3 when we should have an early dinner at the Sabinal Cafe - I'll report on that next time!

We've had a marvelous couple of days - David, darling, thanks for some more wonderful memories!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010 Lone Star Corral

Hello all!  As usual, the busier I am the less time I have to blog, and I've been very busy!

Some of the things we've done since I last updated:

Met some internet friends, Phyllis and Len at Little Red Barn steakhouse, which was not little but was RED in San Antonio for a wonderful lunch.  It is so nice to be able to put faces with names.  Wonderful lunch with terrific people!  Unfortunately, shortly after our lunch they were called back to Louisiana to tend to Len's mother who is very ill.  Our prayers are with you my friends!

We had a fantastic Easter potluck here at the campground - and I cooked :)  Yep, I roasted 7 hams for the dinner.  One of the things that they do here that should be implemented more places is that after every event they do a write up on what it was, what was served, the cost and what was charged for the meal, including recipes.  What a great way to help future generations of people preparing events!  We had an Easter Parade with all who wore bonnets - you can see pictures at

We said good-bye for now to good friends Walker and Evelyn Lane who left April 2 to head back to WA for the summer - we'll see them again in the fall.  Evelyn, I'm using your fridge and freezer - thanks so much for allowing us to do that!

We've traveled all over on our days off looking at lovely wildflowers - both David and myself have never been in a state where there are so many - looks like God just dipped his paintbrush and spread it around.  I'll put some pics up later if I can.

The other 'big' news is that we have our first 'great' grandchild.  Aaliyah Marie was born 6 days ago, and we will put some pictures of her up as well - as soon as we can!  Unfortunately mama (Kelsey) and baby are in Grand Junction, CO and we are in D'Hanis, it will be a while until we get to hold her and see her in person.

On Monday we took a long drive, to Eagle Pass where there is a casino and we made a small donation, then to Del Rio, Bracketville (where they filmed the movie The Alamo then explored Garner State Park.  We have reservations there for Sat and Sun nights - we have the Texas State Parks pass so it will be very inexpensive for us - yaaaayyy, we're going camping :) 

All for now - have a great day, we sure will!

To all our friends both far and near - thanks for the memories!