Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept 20, 2011 Jubilee, Fall begins

Been awhile since I updated, so here goes :) 

Went to a Labor Day picnic at my cousin Tim's house - lots of fun :) 

Went to Farmers & Thresherman's Jubilee in New Centerville, a festival that has been going on for many years.  Last time I went was probably 30 something years ago - it was very nice...here are a couple pictures of big old time tractors - coal & wood fired!

Remember, just click on the picture and it will get bigger for better detail!

We've gone looking at fall mum's, and bought two beautiful baskets for the front of the house - we met some friends at a restaurant called 'Traditions' and had a great fish dinner, we've been to Chinese food TWICE in the past two weeks, David got his flu shot last week at the VA clinic in Johnstown - we've eaten lots of good fresh corn, much fresh produce, and now the weather has turned chilly and rainy, so last night was a pot of Chili and a pan of cornbread - yum!

This morning I made a corn shock (Thanks for the stalks Len N Shirley), and here are some pics of the house...oh and Cinder went to the groomer yesterday and got a fall bandana and ribbon in her hair!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept 5, 2011 Labor Day picnic

Have not posted much - it is hard to find stuff to write about when we aren't doing much, and Dad is doing wonderfully well right now - no pain and that is a good thing!

Cousin Tim had a Labor Day picnic yesterday and I made baked beans, and the cream cheese with chipotle raspberry sauce - there was so much food there it was incredible!  Ham BBQ, Sloppy Joe's, Kielbassa & saurkraut, hot dogs, meatloaf, stuffed peppers, potato salad, scalloped potatoes, rigatoni casserole, asian slaw, vegetable salads, and the desserts...cherry delight, gob cake, peanut butter pie, strawberry cheesecake, fruit salad, cherry pie, zuchini cake, texas sheet cake...holy moley, anybody that went away hungry was just crazy! 

No pics of the food (David had the camera) but here are a couple of the people, with special emphasis on a couple pics of Dad...and the little ones :)

If the weather cooperates we will be going to the Farmers & Threshermans Jubilee in New Centerville this week - and Mountain Craft Days on Friday in Somerset.  Hopefully we'll remember to take some pictures!

I hope everyone has a great holiday - although it is pouring down rain here at the moment.  Thanks for reading the blog...and leaving comments!