Friday, January 18, 2013

Jan 18, 2012 Mission TX

Man we have been busy…mostly driving around, seeing the sights, eating lots of great food, and catching up with friends!

On Wednesday we went to Harlingen and visited with Kay and Greg Sluyter, our friends that we met through Red Dale National Wagon Train.  We had a marvelous couple hours catching up and eating some fantastic bbq!  Of course we were too busy chatting to remember to take pictures!

On Thursday evening we met up with Bob & Lynda, friends whose blog we have followed several years, and last met up in Mackinaw MI about 18 months ago…they are here in Mission at Retama Village where they call their winter Texan home.  They’ve done lots of work, put together some very colorful chairs, fire pit, bar and BBQ.   I was remiss in taking pictures, but here is one Bob snuck in on his blog Smile  After chatting for a while we went to Chuy’s for a tasty dinner of very good Mexican food!  They have a very good blog if you are interested…

Today our park had a craft sale – Doris, Bill and I went up, had biscuits and gravy for breakfast and wandered around the craft and vendor show.  I got 3 new ‘scrubbies’ for doing dishes….saw a lot of neat stuff but didn’t get anything else.  Late lunch at Gatti’s pizza palace – terrific salad bar, we got Senior prices so we were totally stuffed for $14…Again, no pics…I’m really falling behind on this! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 2013 Mission TX


We have been busy living life!  When last I posted it was December 20th – and now it is January 13th!  Some of the things we did were:

  • Christmas Eve David and I made chili for about 100 people – and we did a ‘dirty Santa’ gift exchange – lots of fun!
  • Christmas Day – I made cole slaw and we went to the clubhouse, where the club furnished HAM, rolls, and the rest was pot luck – very good!  I made eggs benedict for our breakfast and it was delicious!  Here is a picture of my Pizzelles Smile
  • 100_2185
  • New Year’s Eve David had yet another tube placed in his right ear – we had dinner at Johnny Carino’s and then went back to the park.  I had started a crockpot full of kielbasa and sauerkraut, and there were many many good dishes to bring in the new year! 
  • New Year’s Day – we started the new year properly with oatmeal – football and parades, and wonderful shrimp stir fry for dinner – followed by fresh baked pumpkin pie…what a great way to start out 2013!
  • Jan 7 was all day doctor appts for David in Kerrville, where we discovered we were doing better than we expected – his A1C was 7.2, last year it was 8.6, so doc was happy – and now he will see a podiatrist because he has some kind of growth in his foot that is making him limp badly.
  • Jan 8 we headed to Mission, TX with our friends, Bill & Doris Lane.  We are staying at a Passport America park, Mission West, where we paid $245 for two weeks, including electric!
  • Jan 9 we just hung out enjoying the great weather.
  • 100_2187
  • Jan 10th we went to Mexico, crossing in Progresso.  We went to the dentist and the wait was 3 hours – so we left there, went to an optometrist where I got an exam and 2 pair of progressive glasses for $320…can’t kick about that!  We also got 5 Z packs of antibiotics and some omeprazole, for $56.41.  Now if I get a sinus infection I’m covered! 
  • Jan 11th, we just hung out, letting David’s foot rest.
  • Jan 12th, our park had an open house, with several units brought in from Ron Hoover, golf carts, scooters, free food, door prizes and 5 different entertainers, each band playing about an hour from 11 to 5.  Lots of fun – I went up every hour to check my door prize tickets – we got a hat, and cony dog and ice cream from Weinerschnitzel…we’ll pick that up probably tomorrow!