Monday, June 2, 2014

North to Livingston :)

We left Hondo as expected on May 27th, and went as far as Mumees where we got the rig lubed and checked out for our trip North. 


Our next stop was Canyon Lake Potters Creek campground.  It is a COE campground and we get full hookups for $13 a night, what a deal.  However, no wifi, no TV, and NO phone service…BUT there were herds of deer, that have very little fear of people and came right up to the RV.  We also saw a family with two little fawns that were so cute!  The deer here in TX are very small in comparison to the deer in PA…it would take about 3 of them to make one! 


We got a late start on the 28th because David had told me we were stopping in Bastrop, so I made reservations and then realized it was only 75 miles up the road…silly mistake that I’m hoping I won’t make again!  It was a nice enough park, but again, no wifi, however we had over 300 tv stations!!!  Who can watch all that!  Sheesh!


The 29th found us going about 185 miles north to Livingston, TX, where we will be staying for 3 nights at Rainbow’s End, the headquarters for Escapees.  We received our 10 year pins today…woohoo!  Can’t believe we’ve been members for 10 years – one of the best moves we ever made!  We shopped at Wally World this afternoon, had dinner at an Italian grill, and are now home relaxing.  Once again, no internet, no TV, but we do have phone coverage! 


We really enjoyed out time at Livingston as usual.  While there I got a message from Judy Mott, one of my facebook friends that I met through gate guarding – and she said they weren’t very far away – actually about 75 miles at Martin Dies Jr State Park, so when we left Livingston we went there for a night, and we got to meet each other in person.  We spent a couple hours chatting, and then we went to the Cedar Tree for dinner where we overindulged but it was fabulous! 


Today we got up and drove 193 miles to Vidalia, LA, where we got a site overlooking the Mississippi River, and entertained ourselves watching the barges go by.  I made David a frozen pizza and I had a salad for dinner.  I’m hoping there will be an adventure tomorrow!