Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dec 28, 2011 A day in the life!

A typical day in the life of a full time RVer!

We got moving around 9 this morning - had our coffee and banana, talked about our day. Did a little paperwork (today this was getting the paperwork done for the lot improvement committee), showered, took Cinder for a walk, chatted with a couple of neighbors (the whole park is considered 'neighbors'), stopped at the office and got copies made, dropped them in the correct boxes, drove to the Nutrition Center and had lunch.

That is one thing that we do take advantage of being seniors - the lunches are very good, today was pork chop w/gravy, sauteed squash, peas, fresh baked wheat biscuit, cupcake and ice tea/coffee, all for the incredible price of $3 each! It also is a very social gathering - you go in around 11, choose a table and chat until 11:30 when the food is served, then you chat and eat, and chat some more! What a deal!

We then drove to Castroville (about 15 miles) and ordered a windshield for our golf cart. Believe me, when it is cold and rainy, you really need a windshield! We will be picking it up tomorrow afternoon I hope!

We will be going to social hour - today is Wacky Wednesday, and I don't know what that means, but it is sure to be fun! After social hour we will come home and have leftovers - after we take Cinder for her run.

It is very funny to see her running ahead like she is pulling the golf cart! Here is the only place she really can run and stretch her legs - she doesn't like to run in dog parks (too busy sniffing), and I certainly don't go fast enough for her to really run, but here where we can run the cart, she goes over 17 mph!!! It is very good for her to stretch those legs like that!

We'll settle in tonight and watch a movie maybe - or whatever we can pick up on our antenna...we don't pay for dish/satellite etc., and the park does not offer cable, so we are at the mercy of our antenna, which actually is pretty good!

There ya have it - a day in the life of...and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Yesterday at 6:30ish am, I headed to Walmart to pick up a few groceries...stopped at Mickey D's and picked up breakfast muffins and I was home by 8:15 am.  We ate and then went and visited a couple of friends, then I made my dish for Christmas Eve - made the burger/rotel/velveeta slow cooker dish - yum! 

We all met at the clubhouse for caroling at 6:00, ate wonderful finger foods at 7, and then about 8 ish we had a round robin gift exchange...oh yea!  We scored a tin of 3 kinds of popcorn an LED candle and a box of wonderful chocolates! 

This morning we greeted each other with 'Merry Christmas, love you' and just relaxed in front of the computers with our coffee.  I called Nancy in PA to tell her Merry Christmas and after we hung up I just cried, because I so badly wanted to call Mom & Dad and tell them the same thing.  David just held me while I cried - I love that about him :)

We got ready and went over to the clubhouse for dinner at 2 pm.  They served ham, scalloped potatoes, peas with pearl onions, coleslaw, pineapple chutney,  and desserts.  It was all very good! 

Somehow or other I got 'volunteered' to make cornbread for the New Year's Eve, on the 31st I will be elbow deep in cornbread fixin's...Someone will make black eyed peas, so that will be that!  Looking forward to it!

Now it's time for a nap...and then go play card bingo at 6:30...

To all my friends, family and followers - I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dec 23, 2011 Home to LSC

Left Ernie's yesterday morning, here are some pics of the completed carpet in the coach - so beautiful!  Love it!

Drove to Fredericksburg where we checked into Oakwood RV - I called ahead to see if there were pull through spots available because I didn't want to unhook the car - lady said yes - and they were in the Passport America book, so figured that would be great.  However, when we checked in, the lady informed me that the PA rate was only available on back in sites - so we ended up paying more than $30 for a site :(  so based on that, I would NOT recommend this park.  Also, their 'dog park' is a muddy pig sty...strike 2 - and the laundry room smelled of mold and sewer...strike 3!

We started the last leg of our journey stopping at Hill Country Propane and filling our tanks - it is COLD here...okay, 45 might not seem too cold to you folks up north, but here it is cold!

We arrived here at Lone Star Corral about 11:30ish, and got caught up with some friends, I took off with Bob & Jan Wheaton to see Bonnie Mason, who is in the hospital - I would request you say a little prayer for her, as she has a collapsing back and will need to have intense physical therapy and pain management.  Not a good time for her and her family.  Had a wonderful dinner at Johnny Carino's with Bob & Jan - now home and snuggled in for the night.

If I don't post tomorrow, please have a Very Merry Christmas - be safe my friends!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ernies driveway Part 4, Dec 20, 2011

Not much to talk about - Ernie's buddy Bim came over to help today, and what a difference it made in demo!  Demo all done, and carpet in passenger area, pilot area, and under desk - I'll let pictures tell the story :)  One of the things that I didn't get a picture of was the 'doghouse' in front, David spent over 4 hours out in the cold, using tools to get the carpet off it - what a yucky job! 

We have no snow here, it is north of us, but boy is it cold!  Wind is howling and it didn't get over 46 today - brrr! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 19, 2011 - Ernie's driveway part 3

Oh man - I didn't think I could get tireder than last night, but tonight we are so exhausted don't know where to put ourselves!  Seems like everything we do demo wise there are issues...

Cockpit by drivers door - because of shoddy workmanship in Elkhart, IN our floor is soaking wet - and some rot as well, so Ernie is going to have to replace some sub-floor :(

Some of the carpeting is not only stapled but glued down - and let's not even talk about under the slide!!!  Ernie called in a friend to come help tomorrow - David and I are just shot!

We do however, love the bathroom which is finished, and we know we are going to love the new carpet and entry - if we can just get this demo DONE...

Here are a couple pics - enjoy!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dec 18, 2011, Ernie's driveway

So..bathroom floor is done - and David and I did demo for hours - our backs are sore, my hips are killing me, shoulder hurts, hands are incredibly stiff from pulling staples...this is not a job for the weak!!! 

We dismantled the dinette and have the carpet off that area, now there are just more staples to pull on there - we got the entry way ready for Ernie and I think he's going to do that first, since it is supposed to rain in the afternoon and he will have to be outside to do it! 

I don't know if we will get any carpet installed tomorrow or if will just be more demo...ouch!  I think we're still mostly on track, but it's gonna be close!  I'll post pics tomorrow - too tired to find the darned camera tonight! 

We did go out to dinner with Ernie & Brenda to a place called Montana's - the food was good but the company was better :)  We're snuggled in now having taken a couple of pain pills...

Dawn ready for holiday party!

Oh my gosh - doesn't she look just so fantastic! Very elegant!
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec 17, 2011 Remodeling at Ernie's

OK, I'm updating this blog because I think it is important for people to know that you really can change things in an older motor home and come out with something fantastic! 

David and I are totally exhausted, because we are not used to physical work like this!  After all, we're retired :)  Anyway, we arrived here in Weatherford TX Dec 15th, met Ernie and came up with 'the plan'! 

Morning of Dec 16th, Ernie started the bath remodel, and David and I moved stuff and that was easy!  Then we followed Ernie to Fort Worth where we picked out some absolutely gorgeous carpet to replace our 14 year old yucky carpet!  Then it was off to Lowes to get the wood laminate for the bathroom - with the lifetime warrenty...yaay!  The bath demo continued - Ernie left about 4.

David and I went out to a lovely Italian restaurant named Pasta Fina which was very good - and yes, I did take pics of our food, half of which we brought home!!!

I got the house dressing, which I assumed was italian, and it was, but it was tomato based, very unusual but excellent!  I only used about half of it for the whole salad, and the garlic knots you can see in the background were excellent too!
 This one was mine - I got the sampler platter.  It has cheese tortellini, canneloni, and lasagne, and penne pasta with cheese...SO good!
 David got the lasagne - as usual.  He said it was excellent too!

This morning it was time for Ernie to start laying the floor in the bathroom - and David and I, under his direction started the demo in the living area.  Whew, they put this carpet down with about a ZILLION of staples, every single one of which had to come out!!!  Oh my aching back!!!  David is just beat meat - he should sleep very well tonight!

If you want to see more pictures than I post, you will need to go to Ernie's Yahoo group and join - then go to Peggy & David's Dolphin - you will find pics under cookone01 and under Ernie - unless he can figure out how to put them all in one photo album!

If you or anyone you know want to do flooring in your units, please message me and I will give you Ernie's contact information.  We are very impressed so far, and I have no doubt that will continue!  Now I will attempt to show you what we have done to date!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dawn Interview

This is Dawn in her dress blues - ready for a VERY important interview! Love you honey and know you'll do great!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 15, 2011 Ernie's Weatherford TX

We left Betty's in Abbeville, LA, yesterday morning by 8:30 - knowing we had two long days of driving ahead of us.  We drove to Tyler TX where we stayed at a so so RV park - it was ok for a night, but wouldn't want to stay there longer!!! 

Got up this morning to pouring rain - and 160 miles to go, through Dallas and Fort Weatherford.  It was terrible driving and very heavy traffic, but we were here by noon!  We are set up in Ernie's driveway, and we are having the floors re-done in the motorhome.  The carpet is shot, since it has not been replaced since 1997, so 14 years old, and we do live in it!  We are excited to get new! 

I will do before and after pics side by is gonna be gorgeous!  Oh yes, we are not replacing the carpet in the bathroom (don't you hate carpet in a bathroom?), we are putting wood in and will either match it to the kitchen (pretty near impossible) or put in some type of light wood. 

This is our beautiful granddaughter, Ariel - ready for her performance in A Christmas Morning at school.  I wish we could have seen it - her mama said she did great!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec 13, 2011 Betty's RV Park, Avery Island

We arrived here in Abbeville, LA at Betty's RV Park, and it is everything we heard about.  Betty is a wonderful warm, welcoming lady, and the 4:30 happy hour is just that - each couple brings what they want to drink, from ice tea to scotch (me, I took wine:), and something to munch on.  What a kick it was!  There was lots of munchies, and didn't break up until after 6...both nights!  Met some terrific people!

Today after we got moving (at the crack of 10 am), we headed out to Avery Island, the home of the McIlhenny Tabasco company.  The tour was very interesting, and we did learn some things - about Tabasco, how they make it, and the different varieties they make now.  For example, they now make a buffalo hot sauce that David likes, as well as a habanero blend - whew hot hot hot!  I particularly liked the spicy teriyaki version - and bought a bottle of it. 

One of the interesting things we found out is that there is a salt mine under the island - they have drilled down more than 2200 feet and still didn't make it through the salt!    They use the salt in the Tabasco, and they also put a layer on top of the barrels which ferment for 3 years - very interesting. 

However, the best thing was the 'store' next door, where any and everything Tabasco is sold!  David sampled Chili, and 9 different varieties of hot sauces, and then he had jalapeno ice wonder his tummy was upset this afternoon!  Whew!  We did indulge in a few things, but didn't break the bank :) 

We then drove all around this parish!  Lots of swamp and water - thought about taking an airboat tour, but it is just not the season for it.  We ended up going to Sweirs (rhymes with Beers) for lunch, had a terrific shrimp po boy...forgot to take pictures sorry, but take my word for it, it was worth taking a picture of!  We then stopped at WalMart where we made our usual donation stopped and bought a bag of satsuma oranges and a bag of fresh dug sweet potatoes, and came home...where I made a really nice plate of layered Mexican dip and headed over for happy hour :) 

We'll be heading out tomorrow, and I will tell you that I have not finished with this area :)  So many places and so little time!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 11, 2011 Summerdale AL to Houma LA

Oh my, we've been busy the past couple days!  On Friday it was clean up day at the ranch - so I took off and did laundry, at least that was the plan!  I left the MH and went over to the laundry, only to find out that there were only 3 washers and 5 dryers...the washers were full and there was already someone waiting for them next.  I got there at 8:15 and got back to the MH about 12...NOT a typical wash day!  While I was there, David dumped the tanks, did the dishes, vacumned the MH...and played on his 'puter!

When I got home we were starving - and hungry for chinese, so off we went, and had a very reasonable buffet for 13.50 for the two of us - it was excellent!  I had about a half a sore throat, and when Ellie called to see if we wanted to go along to a country jam/line dance place, I said no...and I took nyquil at 4 and again at midnight. 

When I got up on Sat morning, I felt pretty chipper, so off we went to Mobile, where we toured the USS Alabama.  USSALABAMA.COM  This is a battleship, and David wasin his glory!  We spent about 3 hours touring, and got some great pictures,
however you are better served clicking the link - gives you a lot of history that we read but couldn't share here because I don't do very well with statistics!

When we got home we napped, then went over to visit with Ellie & Jim - chatted for about 2 hours - and I know that we will see these good friends down the road!  We had hamburger helper cheeseburger macaroni for dinner...nothing fancy but comfort food all the same :)

We got up this morning and were on the road by 9:05 - we had tentatively scheduled a day that would be about 3 hours long, and instead we just kept rolling until 2:30, when we located a campground in Houma LA.  We stopped, set up and I made a great dinner, Salisbury steak, bakes sweet potato, brussel sprouts and was very yummy and heated the MH up nicely! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

This is my gorgeous grandson, Branden. I rarely get photo's of him - he is dressed for something called the Madrigal dinner :)
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The motorhome did not get out of the garage until about 4:15 yesterday, and the bill was atrocious!!! Yes, we did have to have the work done, and they did the best they could, but still...sigh.

We had a terrific lunch with Jim and Ellie at Daddy's Grill - I had shrimp and it was just to die for - so fresh it popped! Yum! oh yeah, sweet potato fries too :) David had the shrimp basket was lovely, and we sat and chatted a while with this wonderful couple! Hopefully we can get together with them again before we head down the road!

This morning we got up and went to Pensacola to the National Naval Museum - all I can say is WOW! It is free...extremely large, wonderful exhibits, spotlessly clean, and free! David was in heaven - lots of tv's with clips about carriers, planes, and submarines, very well done - took us 4 hours to walk around and we left a second building because we were tired...and it was free! The pictures do not do it justice as usual - it was just awe inspiring walking around and touching a part of history! Of course, per our friends here at Rainbow Plantation, no visit to the museum is complete without a visit to the Cubic Bay Cafe/Bar. The story goes that when the US closed the base in the Phillippines, they dismantled Cubic Bay and brought over every plaque and picture that was there...and it is totally amazing - many of them have been touched so much they are hard to read, but David was able to find the USS Wichita that he BOARDED IN THE PHILIPPINES!!! How cool is that - and he took a picture of it too! We were unable to find the USS Tolavana, the other ship her served on, but was thrilled to find the Wichita. Oh yeah, Pensacola is the home of the Blue Angels :)

I drove home while David napped, then walked Cinder, and it was time to go to the clubhouse where we had signed up for chicken (me) and pork (him) and the dinner was excellent - both came with baked mac & cheese, black eyed peas, roll, salad and dessert, and drinks for $6 each - what a bargain! I brought David back to the MH and I went back to the clubhouse and played 9 games of Bingo - didn't win but had a good time.

Now we are snuggled in, and I'm having a glass of wine...yum! Do you know that the $4 buck chuck at Wal Mart is pretty good wine? I like it pretty well - of course, I've never been an expert :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rainbow Plantation Dec 5, 6, 2011

Dec 5, Sunday we got up and moving pretty quickly, David was concerned about going through Pensacola, however our journey was very smooth with little traffic.  We arrived at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale AL by 11:45 am.  We got parked in site 61, and right across the street are friends Ellie & Jim Meecham! 

However, once we got set up it was pouring rain, and we immediately got on the phone, David calling to make an appt for a oil change, lube job, transmission flush and brake inspection at B & D RV repair in Robertsdale - about 8 miles from the park.  We went to the post office to see if David's drugs were in, and they were there BUT David forgot his ID and they wouldn't pass over the mail without that!  However, we found out that we could get our passports processed at that post office.  I also found a guy that would come wash and wax the MH for a reasonable amount, so that will happen on Friday morning. 

We finally got settled in for the night, had ramen noodles for dinner - then I called Ellie and said hey, we're across the street and we both laughed - and set up a date for lunch on Wednesday.

This morning we got up and headed to the garage where things did NOT go as planned - the transmission needed flushed, and that went well, the oil change and lube job - everything needed new filters and 'stuff', and then the brakes - total new brakes needed all around - no parts available except in Indiana - they are air freighting them in we are staying in the MH in the repair facility - it's all gated and we're secure, but not exactly where we wanted to be this evening...sigh!

We went to the post office and got our passport applications processed - got the pics done too!  Passports are expensive!!!  Here we are, gettin' processed!

While this was all going on we went to Wal-Mart - David had broken the bow on his glasses, and unfortunately they had nothing like it, so it looks like a trip to the VA for glasses is in our future! 

We then moseyed over to Foley, AL where we had lunch at Lambert's Cafe, the home of the 'throwed' rolls.  Oh my, because of all the other rver's whose blogs I read, I knew to tell David 'only eat a small amount of your entree and fill up on the 'pass arounds'...we did and brought home enough food for at least 4 more meals!  I got roast beef, mashed potatoes w/gravy, baby carrots and cukes and onions, David got fried ham, mp w/gravy, and baked beans...the pass arounds are:  black eyed peas, sauteed cabbage, fried okra, macaroni & tomatoes, fried potatoes w/onions, and of course their yeasty hot rolls that the waiters throw to you - you've gotta be quick and have a place to dump em, 'cause they are HOT!  What a great time we had - were there for over an hour :) 

We had signed up for the potato bake at the park, so we locked the gate and drove to the park, where we had a marvelous meal - we each had picked white potato (we eat a LOT of sweet potatoes), and there was every topping imaginable, butter, sour cream, bacon, onions, chili, cheese...and turkey rice soup, drinks and dessert for $5 per person.  We really enjoyed our meal, and funny thing, we sat at a table with a single lady, Shirley, and a couple, all of whom remembered us from the park in Hondo...woo hoo!  They said oh yes, they want to go back to Hondo and they told others at the table that we made them feel very welcome...wasn't that nice!  Gave us a snuggle feeling!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Keaton Beach to Bonifay Dec 3, 4, 2011

Yesterday was a LONG day - we hitched up and hit the road in Tampa at 9:15 am, figuring that we had about 10 miles of city traffic on Hwy 19, then we should be out of the city - ha ha, joke was on us!  45 miles later we were still in city traffic - even though it was a Saturday the traffic was pretty heavy and every couple blocks we were stopping at red lights - we drove and drove, stopped on the side of the road at a rest area and had some brunch - got back on the road and managed to get to Keaton Beach to The Old Pavillion RV park about 3:00 - way too long for David to be driving - he was beat! 

However, the park was very nice, especially the deck -where we joined the owner and another couple watching the sun set on the can speak for themselves!

This morning once again we were on the road before 9:30, the roads were great, driving was easy - we stopped at Bonifay at Florida Sprins RV Resort/Campground, which is a Passport America park - so for the amount of $17.99 we have full hook-ups, and nice park!  We're exhausted...tomorrow we head for Summerdale, AL where we may stay for a week :)  It depends on what we can get done on the MH, we need the brakes looked at and packed, and possibly an oil change & lube job - David will look at figures tonight and make that decision!

My wonderful aunt, Nancy Gindlesperger got a laptop and is now on facebook, and I figure she must be reading our blog - Welcome Nancy! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mercy me, I don't know where time gets to!  Seems like I was just so excited to see Dawn...and now we have had to say goodbye :( 

She came over to the motorhome today and we went to the Citrus Mall shopping, and she was pleased to find several gifts she wanted for the family - David stayed home with Cinder, so we had lots of 'girl' time! 

We came back and got David and headed for a Mongolian BBQ - which was a blast and the food was healthy and delicious! 

Dawn is now headed back to her hotel to get some rest before she gets back on a plane and heads to Okinawa...sigh! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nov 30, 2011 Good Times

We have been having SO much fun!  On Tuesday evening we went to PF Changs for dinner, where we thoroughly enjoyed our daughter, Dawn, and the marine assigned to keep her safe in Afghanistan, Fred (didn't catch his last name, my bad)!  We had exquisite food, then walked around the WestShore Mall, where I visited the Hickory Farms store for a few goodies for our 'happy hours', David got prescription sunglasses for driving down the road, and I got my 'shopping with daughter' fix in!

Wednesday we got up and headed for Venice, FL, my old stompin' ground!  It was so great to be able to show David where I used to live, some of the special places, and we had a fantastic lunch at the Crow's Nest - Oh man, the seafood bisque with the sherry topper was out of this world - creamy and just loaded with shrimp, scallops and crab meat...and then the fresh grilled grouper sandwich - it simply does not get any better than that!

Venice beach was great, although the wind was howling, and as you can see from the pics there were real waves, highly unusual for the gulf! 

OK - internet connection too slow to add more pics...maybe later :)
I drove over the skyway bridge twice, I'm proud to say, and it was spectacular as always. 

We came home and settled in before dark - and I got involved in a good book and read until 2 am...but I finished it!!! 

Tomorrow will be our last full day here in the Tampa area...on the road again :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nov 28, 2011 Dawn's here!

So...we waited all day - we went to Wally World and got a few groceries, made Dawn a goodie bag (fruit, oatmeal, chocolate, chips), then did some cleaning, dropped a fedex pkg off for the Grand Junction girls, then got naps...all leading up to:

Yep, two very happy girls!  You can tell that I was overdressed, my face is red from the heat, but the smiles are genuine!  We had a fantastic dinner, and over 2 hours of excited chatter! 

I don't know what else this week will hold, but I know we will have a great time, and I plan to enjoy every moment possible.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov 27, 2011 Bay Bayou Tampa FL

We are SO enjoying our time here in Tampa!  On black Friday we shopped - very discriminately :)  We found the camera that David wanted, a Canon Ti3 Rebel which was advertised at Best Buy, Target, Walmart - however it was also advertised at North Tampa Photography, Inc., at 1020 W Busch Boulevard - which is an owner operated camera shop.  We bought the camera with an additional lens for less than we would have at the big box stores.  David is a happy camper...ha!

Here are a couple pics he took with the new camera...looking behind our site!
This is the view in front of our site :)

We did some domestic stuff (cleaned out the car, the MH and laundry) and yesterday Cinder went to the groomer, and while she was there I got a haircut, manicure and shopped at Target, Michaels and Best Buy...scored a 600 thread count sheet set (the set on the bed is 4 years old and pretty threadbare) for $35.00, and a faux leather jacket for cool mornings for $15.00.  Felt pretty good about those buys!

Last evening we went to a place called Cody's  Original Roadhouse for dinner - holy moly, we got queso and chips for an appetizer, followed by the early bird special of prime rib with baked sweet potato, salad and yeasty rolls...OMG it was so good!  We haven't had prime rib since we were in Hudson WY back in May!  They serve the salad in these huge stainless steel bowls, and you put it on your was wonderful!  The prime rib was tender, flavorful and NOT all fat!  Here are a couple pics...yes, the prime rib was mine and it WAS med rare :)

Today is a new adventure - I'll try to take some pics and put 'em up -we're gonna have a blast!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bay Bayou RV Park, Tampa FL

We arrived yesterday, Nov 23 here at Bay Bayou RV Resort - and don't get me wrong, it is a lovely place!  Couple hundred sites, 3 laundry/shower buildings, several ponds, dog park, heated (85) pool, etc, etc.  However, the price is simply outrageous!  The only reason we picked this park is because of the proximity to downtown Tampa so we could spend as much time with our daughter as possible.  With our good sam discount, and an 'early bird week special' it was $483 for 10 days!!!  Whew, we won't be back here again! 

On the good side :)  we are within 10 miles of any shopping you could possibly want - we plan on going out at 10 tonight to Wal-Mart, there are a couple things I want from there, and tomorrow we will go to a wonderful Mall, called Citrus Mall, that has tons of stores - not really to shop, mostly to watch the crowds! 

Today we had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast at the social hall - the park furnished Turkey and gravy, and everyone brought dishes to share.  Surprisingly enough there were NO stuffing dishes, and only 1 mashed potatoes that disappeared long before we got there in line - but there was plenty of sweet potato dishes, I made my slow cooker corn dish, there were even saurkraut balls!  David was in charge of pictures and he didn't take any :(  Anyway, it was a good time with great people and lots of good food! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all - and David, thanks for agreeing to this lifestyle - I wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 21, 2011 Bushnell FL Escapees Park

We were on the road by 9:45 today, filled up with propane and gas, and headed down the road to Bushnell, home of Sumter Oaks RV Park.  We had 1 pitstop and pulled into the park at 12:05 pm.  What a lovely place!  They have an indoor heated pool (that is pretty cold!), pool table, lending library, craft room, movie room :)

We settled into our spot (right by the activity center so David doesn't have to walk too much), and headed out to Sonny's BBQ pit...Oh man, I so missed their baby back ribs!  We pigged out big time (brought 1/2 of everything home for dinner tomorrow night) and then we just drove around Bushnell, giving it a look see.  We made the mandatory Wal-Mart stop, got very few things but had a good time walking around and looking at all the people shopping like mad!

We talked a bit about staying here and not going to Tampa until Sat or Sun, but I want to go shopping on Black Friday, and really there is nothing here!  So, we will keep to our original schedule and leave Wed morning. 

We came back to the park and started out to 'social hour'.  For those of you who are NOT Escapee's, all Escapee parks have social hour at 4 (except LSC who has social hour Mon - Wed - Fri).  Well there were only 5 other people there, and they were all new like us!  They tell me that they have a 10 am coffee every morning and that is when everyone gathers to chat - we shall see tomorrow morning! 

When we came back to the MH, there were 3 beautiful Sandhill Cranes (per a park member) who put on quite a show for us - they were literally 6 feet from us.  They began to dance, with 1 at a time jumping into the air and waving their wings, each taking a turn - it was fascinating!  We felt very privledged to see the show! 

We're in for the night now - see ya'll tomorrow (I'm back in the south, I can talk like that now:)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 20, 2011 SC to FL

We started out this morning about 9:30 am.  We debated last night stopping at St Mary's GA and then after looking at webcams around Jacksonville, decided we would just head south...and that is what we did!

Once again it was oatmeal with blueberries, then about 10:30 we stopped and walked around, had an orange and started down the road again.  By 12:30 we were in Callahan, FL and had missed all the Jacksonville traffic!  The plan then was to stop in Starke FL, have a late lunch/early dinner at Sonny's BBQ (a fantastic chain - where I used to work in Venice FL for a while). 

We got to Starke and pulled into the KOA, which is where the fun began.  First they said - oh no, you can't stay here, because we don't allow chows...we said no problem, we'd go on down the road.  However, they have more than half of their spots empty, and after we went through a song & dance where the man came out to the MH and Cinder wagged her tail at him and did the sit command perfectly, they decided we could stay.  After the usual Keep On Adding fee of $39.00 we parked in a very nice pull through site.  We hooked up the water and elec - oh yeah, we had to turn on the AIR CONDITIONER 'cause it was 86 Degrees!!!  We then unhooked the car and got ready to go into town and get us some BBQ...and wouldn't you know the danged car was DEAD!!!  No lights, no horn, de nada!  Good Sam Emergency Road Service got a call, and I got put on hold - she came back after 8 mins and said that she was trying to locate a provider, could I hold - yes...20 mins later she says she found someone and they would be here in 45 mins...sigh.

We came into the MH and each had a nice icy beer and some cheese and crackers.  The garage guy came and jumped us, and we were off - first to Wal-Mart to have them check the battery, 'cause we bought an expensive one from them last July!  They tested it and said it was fine.  This is the second time it has died on us in 2 months, so we are going to have to get it looked at by a Chevy garage to see why it is draining the battery. 

So...we stopped by a wonderful fruit market, got some fresh huge navel oranges, some fresh tomatoes, a watermelon and a couple banana's.  Yum!  Then we stopped at Wendy's for some dinner...'cause we were not hungry for BBQ any more :( 

Tomorrow we are heading down the road once stop, Bushnell FL - one of the Escapee parks :)  Looking forward to it!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nov 19, 2011 Hardeeville SC

Last night we stayed in a campground...somewhere after Columbia SC - it was an OK park, but yu only got a discount if you stayed 2 or more nights, was about 15 miles off the interstate...we learned from this experience!  The park we originally were to stay at, which I had researched and knew exactly where it was - David was feeling good so we kept on driving - then we stopped for gas and decided we would use his campground app to find a local campground...huh!  I won't say never again, but it really was out of our way...

This morning we were on the road at 9:45.  We had wonderful oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast, so we had good fuel to travel on :)  We drove until we got to Exit 8 in SC, Hardeeville, where we had called for a spot - and what a gem!!!  David said this was the best place we ever stopped - beautiful long wide spot, no leveling necessary!  It is passport america and we were allowed to use it even if it was a Saturday!!!  Woohoo - $20 for full hook-ups with cable and wifi!!! 

By the time we got set up it was 1:00 - and we were starving!  On the advice of our campground host (and some research on line) we went to THE PINK PIG...OMG, I had bbq chicken, slaw & brunswick stew, David had pulled pork with same sides.  It was so good we asked it we could buy a quart of the stew for dinner, however they were running low because they were slammed...nevertheless, here are some pics of the restaurant and our food (sorry, we were eating when I remembered the camera!)