Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 21, 2011 Bushnell FL Escapees Park

We were on the road by 9:45 today, filled up with propane and gas, and headed down the road to Bushnell, home of Sumter Oaks RV Park.  We had 1 pitstop and pulled into the park at 12:05 pm.  What a lovely place!  They have an indoor heated pool (that is pretty cold!), pool table, lending library, craft room, movie room :)

We settled into our spot (right by the activity center so David doesn't have to walk too much), and headed out to Sonny's BBQ pit...Oh man, I so missed their baby back ribs!  We pigged out big time (brought 1/2 of everything home for dinner tomorrow night) and then we just drove around Bushnell, giving it a look see.  We made the mandatory Wal-Mart stop, got very few things but had a good time walking around and looking at all the people shopping like mad!

We talked a bit about staying here and not going to Tampa until Sat or Sun, but I want to go shopping on Black Friday, and really there is nothing here!  So, we will keep to our original schedule and leave Wed morning. 

We came back to the park and started out to 'social hour'.  For those of you who are NOT Escapee's, all Escapee parks have social hour at 4 (except LSC who has social hour Mon - Wed - Fri).  Well there were only 5 other people there, and they were all new like us!  They tell me that they have a 10 am coffee every morning and that is when everyone gathers to chat - we shall see tomorrow morning! 

When we came back to the MH, there were 3 beautiful Sandhill Cranes (per a park member) who put on quite a show for us - they were literally 6 feet from us.  They began to dance, with 1 at a time jumping into the air and waving their wings, each taking a turn - it was fascinating!  We felt very privledged to see the show! 

We're in for the night now - see ya'll tomorrow (I'm back in the south, I can talk like that now:)


  1. Hey - I have a hubby who ALWAYS talks like that.

    We love the social hours and find some parks get lots of people, some hardly any. Some are friendly folks, others not so much. Like each of us, every Escapees park has it's own personality.

    Shopping on Black Friday? Are you mad???? LOL. I hate to shop any day so I am no judge for sure. Hope you find lots of great bargains.

  2. Phyllis - we mostly just like to go watch the madness...then have a nice breakfast somewhere, some home and nap...when I was in a stix & brix I decorated over the weekend, but not so much now, and not at all this year...just don't have the heart for it, and all the decorations are in TX...and IF we get there before Christmas the last thing I wanna do is decorate!!!