Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 20, 2011 SC to FL

We started out this morning about 9:30 am.  We debated last night stopping at St Mary's GA and then after looking at webcams around Jacksonville, decided we would just head south...and that is what we did!

Once again it was oatmeal with blueberries, then about 10:30 we stopped and walked around, had an orange and started down the road again.  By 12:30 we were in Callahan, FL and had missed all the Jacksonville traffic!  The plan then was to stop in Starke FL, have a late lunch/early dinner at Sonny's BBQ (a fantastic chain - where I used to work in Venice FL for a while). 

We got to Starke and pulled into the KOA, which is where the fun began.  First they said - oh no, you can't stay here, because we don't allow chows...we said no problem, we'd go on down the road.  However, they have more than half of their spots empty, and after we went through a song & dance where the man came out to the MH and Cinder wagged her tail at him and did the sit command perfectly, they decided we could stay.  After the usual Keep On Adding fee of $39.00 we parked in a very nice pull through site.  We hooked up the water and elec - oh yeah, we had to turn on the AIR CONDITIONER 'cause it was 86 Degrees!!!  We then unhooked the car and got ready to go into town and get us some BBQ...and wouldn't you know the danged car was DEAD!!!  No lights, no horn, de nada!  Good Sam Emergency Road Service got a call, and I got put on hold - she came back after 8 mins and said that she was trying to locate a provider, could I hold - yes...20 mins later she says she found someone and they would be here in 45 mins...sigh.

We came into the MH and each had a nice icy beer and some cheese and crackers.  The garage guy came and jumped us, and we were off - first to Wal-Mart to have them check the battery, 'cause we bought an expensive one from them last July!  They tested it and said it was fine.  This is the second time it has died on us in 2 months, so we are going to have to get it looked at by a Chevy garage to see why it is draining the battery. 

So...we stopped by a wonderful fruit market, got some fresh huge navel oranges, some fresh tomatoes, a watermelon and a couple banana's.  Yum!  Then we stopped at Wendy's for some dinner...'cause we were not hungry for BBQ any more :( 

Tomorrow we are heading down the road once stop, Bushnell FL - one of the Escapee parks :)  Looking forward to it!

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