Sunday, November 21, 2010

November doings...

Hi all!  It has been a very very busy November for us!  The folks have rolled in steadily here at the Lone Star Corral, and it has been wonderful greeting many of these folks that we haven't seen since March/April...and we were so busy learning how to manage this park that we really didn't get to know them very well - which we are trying very quickly to remedy!!!

We've made several more trips to the Va for David - hopefully the last one until April will be tomorrow, when he sees the Ear Nose & Throat specialist regarding his hearing problem.  He's had a scan, so the results will be talked about tomorrow! 

We've taken the motor home to Class A RV Repairs in Pipe Creek TX, and must say they have a very nice facility.  They did everything we needed and it wasn't a huge bill!

Last night, I was honored to ride the SKP float in the Hondo, God's Country Christmas parade!  We took a third place ribbon and were very excited!

The bad news this month is that our daughter, a Captain in the Air Force, has started a 1 year tour of duty in Afghanistan.  We're devastated - she is at a forward operating base with very limited amenities - not even buildings, just tents.  If you're reading this blog, please remember her in your daily prayers...her name is Dawn.  Please also remember her family - it is hard to be without the mama in the family.  Thank you!

All for now - have a very happy Thanksgiving and may you shop 'til you drop on black Friday :)