Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nov 22 through Dec 20, 2012 Hondo doings

November 29, 2012

We’ve done quite a bit – the motorhome and ‘shed’ are decorated for Christmas :)  We had a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner with approximately 100 friends. 

I am the electronic Calendar activities lady here in the park…and I’ve been busy getting the Dec calendar ready to go to print.  There is always something to do here…just as an example, Mon, Wed, Fri schedule looks like this:  9am exercise, 10am line dancing, 1pm Bridge, 4pm Social Hour, 6:30 all manner of games, from Texas Hold ‘em to Hand and Foot dominoes and everything in between until 9pm.  The rest of the week is similar, but different, with busy needles sewing club, 8 Ball Pool, Mah Jongg,  Bingo, card bingo, Ice Cream Socials, Chicken dinner, omelet in a bag breakfast, pancake breakfast, Orientation, plus lots of holiday events going on.  Is it any wonder we need a calendar to keep it all straight!  Whew!

Of course, we participate in a lot of these events, as well as doing our own thing – a group goes to a local restaurant El Azteca on Tuesday evening where they have roll back enchilada plates for $5, that include three enchiladas, rice, beans and homemade tortillas.  On Thur mornings we go to El Charo for breakfast as a group. 

Then David has Dr appts, as a matter of fact we are going to Kerrville tomorrow morning for his pulmonary testing.  Next week he meets with the specialist to see what if anything can be done.  I wish they could give him something for the coughing – that is the worst. 

I did do some black Friday shopping, getting a bread maker, pizzelle iron, and a TV for the shed – and just made arrangements to get a picnic table for our lot here.  I shopped online at Sam’s, Home Depot and Lowes, the least expensive picnic table I could find was over $300…found a guy in San Antonio that makes ‘em for $125 for a nice, painted 8 foot table…David and Bob will be going to pick one up on Sat morning, and get some new batteries for our golf cart.  That should be the end of our ‘big’ spending for the winter! 

Dec 7, 2012

Boy, we’ve been busy!  David had Doc appts in San Antonio, I’ve been playing Bingo, and Card Bingo, and had some fantastic meals – both at home, at the Nutrition Center AND in restaurants, had a meeting with our Thrivent Financial Advisors, made several loaves of bread, just generally trudging right along!  The weather has been phenomenal – highs in the high 70’s and lows in the 50’s…gotta love it!

Dec 8, 2012

Tonight we had a block party here on our lot, to honor the lady that used to have our lot!  I made sloppy joes, there were grilled hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, veggie plate w/dip, salsa and chips, brownies, cookies, chocolate candy, kolatches…everything was excellent, everyone brought their own chairs and drinks, and we just had a great time! We started at 4:30 ish and went until 7:30…NICE!

Dec 17, 2012

Once again just living the life :)  Christmas preparations -  made a batch of Pizzelles, baked a Texas Sheet Cake, and hope to get chocolate Pizzelles for our D’Hanis kids – need to make 3 dozen, so that will be on Wednesday. 

On Saturday the park did omelets in a bag – two egg omelet, ham, cheese, mushrooms, onions, jalapenos, hot sauce, along with toast, fruit cup and coffee for $3…what a deal!

We’ve been to San Antonio several times, and will be going tomorrow too!  I have been going in to play Bingo with Bob & Jan Wheaton, and Armando.  We leave about 11:30 and get home about 4:30, except last night when we stopped at Panda Express for take out dinner – boy it was delicious! 

Today Cinder has a groomer appt, as do David and I for haircuts – different places from Cinder of course…grin.