Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov 15, 2011 On the road again!

So...a quick update on what we've been doing!  I've dealt with financial planners, insurance agents, bank reps, until I am very sick of it all!!! 

We finished the kitchen, with the back splash being finished on Friday, Nov 12 - just in time!

I had wonderful lunches with Debbie & Donna, both good friends in school with me, and also both Hospice ee' don't get better than that.  I had a terrific lunch with my friend Marsha - the food was so so but the company was fantastic!  We went to Oakhurst for Smorgasbord on Friday night with Nancy & Harry - hoorah!  I took my cousin Donna to Italian Oven for dinner, then to bereavement group at Hospice house.

We cleaned, packed the motorhome, cleaned, and continued to say goodbye to wonderful neighbors - Jim & Carol, Georgia and Eddy, Larue and Ron! 

We finally got out of town at 11 am and headed to Sutton WV, which is about 168 miles.  Well, by the time we arrived at the campground, we were both SO exhausted!  David has not been feeling well, and he has been coughing his head off.  Needless to say, it was a very uncomfortable first day of our trip.  However, we got up this morning to rain - heavy rain, so we got around and had a decent buffet breakfast, then hit the road. 

We stopped at Mayberry Campground in Mt Airy, NC the home of Andy Griffith.  We parked, walked Cinder, got showers and headed out to a wine/beer tasting place.  Hhhmmmm, I sampled 6 wines, and David sampled 4 beers...we bought 3 bottles of very nice wine!  Have to have a glass of wine now and then right?

We had an amazing dinner at a place called "GOOBERS' where the food was amazing - and I forgot to take pictures!!!  I promise food pics will be in future postings!

That brings us up to date - I'll post a couple of pics to bring us up to date as well.

Kitchen Dining Bath floors

Countertops and backsplash
 Yep, this is our Halloween snow storm!
 The cousins - Donna, Jill, and me :)

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