Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov 27, 2011 Bay Bayou Tampa FL

We are SO enjoying our time here in Tampa!  On black Friday we shopped - very discriminately :)  We found the camera that David wanted, a Canon Ti3 Rebel which was advertised at Best Buy, Target, Walmart - however it was also advertised at North Tampa Photography, Inc., at 1020 W Busch Boulevard - which is an owner operated camera shop.  We bought the camera with an additional lens for less than we would have at the big box stores.  David is a happy camper...ha!

Here are a couple pics he took with the new camera...looking behind our site!
This is the view in front of our site :)

We did some domestic stuff (cleaned out the car, the MH and laundry) and yesterday Cinder went to the groomer, and while she was there I got a haircut, manicure and shopped at Target, Michaels and Best Buy...scored a 600 thread count sheet set (the set on the bed is 4 years old and pretty threadbare) for $35.00, and a faux leather jacket for cool mornings for $15.00.  Felt pretty good about those buys!

Last evening we went to a place called Cody's  Original Roadhouse for dinner - holy moly, we got queso and chips for an appetizer, followed by the early bird special of prime rib with baked sweet potato, salad and yeasty rolls...OMG it was so good!  We haven't had prime rib since we were in Hudson WY back in May!  They serve the salad in these huge stainless steel bowls, and you put it on your was wonderful!  The prime rib was tender, flavorful and NOT all fat!  Here are a couple pics...yes, the prime rib was mine and it WAS med rare :)

Today is a new adventure - I'll try to take some pics and put 'em up -we're gonna have a blast!!!

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