Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec 17, 2011 Remodeling at Ernie's

OK, I'm updating this blog because I think it is important for people to know that you really can change things in an older motor home and come out with something fantastic! 

David and I are totally exhausted, because we are not used to physical work like this!  After all, we're retired :)  Anyway, we arrived here in Weatherford TX Dec 15th, met Ernie and came up with 'the plan'! 

Morning of Dec 16th, Ernie started the bath remodel, and David and I moved stuff and that was easy!  Then we followed Ernie to Fort Worth where we picked out some absolutely gorgeous carpet to replace our 14 year old yucky carpet!  Then it was off to Lowes to get the wood laminate for the bathroom - with the lifetime warrenty...yaay!  The bath demo continued - Ernie left about 4.

David and I went out to a lovely Italian restaurant named Pasta Fina which was very good - and yes, I did take pics of our food, half of which we brought home!!!

I got the house dressing, which I assumed was italian, and it was, but it was tomato based, very unusual but excellent!  I only used about half of it for the whole salad, and the garlic knots you can see in the background were excellent too!
 This one was mine - I got the sampler platter.  It has cheese tortellini, canneloni, and lasagne, and penne pasta with cheese...SO good!
 David got the lasagne - as usual.  He said it was excellent too!

This morning it was time for Ernie to start laying the floor in the bathroom - and David and I, under his direction started the demo in the living area.  Whew, they put this carpet down with about a ZILLION of staples, every single one of which had to come out!!!  Oh my aching back!!!  David is just beat meat - he should sleep very well tonight!

If you want to see more pictures than I post, you will need to go to Ernie's Yahoo group and join - then go to Peggy & David's Dolphin - you will find pics under cookone01 and under Ernie - unless he can figure out how to put them all in one photo album!

If you or anyone you know want to do flooring in your units, please message me and I will give you Ernie's contact information.  We are very impressed so far, and I have no doubt that will continue!  Now I will attempt to show you what we have done to date!

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