Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nov 30, 2011 Good Times

We have been having SO much fun!  On Tuesday evening we went to PF Changs for dinner, where we thoroughly enjoyed our daughter, Dawn, and the marine assigned to keep her safe in Afghanistan, Fred (didn't catch his last name, my bad)!  We had exquisite food, then walked around the WestShore Mall, where I visited the Hickory Farms store for a few goodies for our 'happy hours', David got prescription sunglasses for driving down the road, and I got my 'shopping with daughter' fix in!

Wednesday we got up and headed for Venice, FL, my old stompin' ground!  It was so great to be able to show David where I used to live, some of the special places, and we had a fantastic lunch at the Crow's Nest - Oh man, the seafood bisque with the sherry topper was out of this world - creamy and just loaded with shrimp, scallops and crab meat...and then the fresh grilled grouper sandwich - it simply does not get any better than that!

Venice beach was great, although the wind was howling, and as you can see from the pics there were real waves, highly unusual for the gulf! 

OK - internet connection too slow to add more pics...maybe later :)
I drove over the skyway bridge twice, I'm proud to say, and it was spectacular as always. 

We came home and settled in before dark - and I got involved in a good book and read until 2 am...but I finished it!!! 

Tomorrow will be our last full day here in the Tampa area...on the road again :)

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  1. I love good seafood bisque. Last time I had really good ones was in Ireland. Oh my gosh....

    Glad to read you and David are enjoying the life!