Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rainbow Plantation Dec 5, 6, 2011

Dec 5, Sunday we got up and moving pretty quickly, David was concerned about going through Pensacola, however our journey was very smooth with little traffic.  We arrived at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale AL by 11:45 am.  We got parked in site 61, and right across the street are friends Ellie & Jim Meecham! 

However, once we got set up it was pouring rain, and we immediately got on the phone, David calling to make an appt for a oil change, lube job, transmission flush and brake inspection at B & D RV repair in Robertsdale - about 8 miles from the park.  We went to the post office to see if David's drugs were in, and they were there BUT David forgot his ID and they wouldn't pass over the mail without that!  However, we found out that we could get our passports processed at that post office.  I also found a guy that would come wash and wax the MH for a reasonable amount, so that will happen on Friday morning. 

We finally got settled in for the night, had ramen noodles for dinner - then I called Ellie and said hey, we're across the street and we both laughed - and set up a date for lunch on Wednesday.

This morning we got up and headed to the garage where things did NOT go as planned - the transmission needed flushed, and that went well, the oil change and lube job - everything needed new filters and 'stuff', and then the brakes - total new brakes needed all around - no parts available except in Indiana - they are air freighting them in tomorrow...so we are staying in the MH in the repair facility - it's all gated and we're secure, but not exactly where we wanted to be this evening...sigh!

We went to the post office and got our passport applications processed - got the pics done too!  Passports are expensive!!!  Here we are, gettin' processed!

While this was all going on we went to Wal-Mart - David had broken the bow on his glasses, and unfortunately they had nothing like it, so it looks like a trip to the VA for glasses is in our future! 

We then moseyed over to Foley, AL where we had lunch at Lambert's Cafe, the home of the 'throwed' rolls.  Oh my, because of all the other rver's whose blogs I read, I knew to tell David 'only eat a small amount of your entree and fill up on the 'pass arounds'...we did and brought home enough food for at least 4 more meals!  I got roast beef, mashed potatoes w/gravy, baby carrots and cukes and onions, David got fried ham, mp w/gravy, and baked beans...the pass arounds are:  black eyed peas, sauteed cabbage, fried okra, macaroni & tomatoes, fried potatoes w/onions, and of course their yeasty hot rolls that the waiters throw to you - you've gotta be quick and have a place to dump em, 'cause they are HOT!  What a great time we had - were there for over an hour :) 

We had signed up for the potato bake at the park, so we locked the gate and drove to the park, where we had a marvelous meal - we each had picked white potato (we eat a LOT of sweet potatoes), and there was every topping imaginable, butter, sour cream, bacon, onions, chili, cheese...and turkey rice soup, drinks and dessert for $5 per person.  We really enjoyed our meal, and funny thing, we sat at a table with a single lady, Shirley, and a couple, all of whom remembered us from the park in Hondo...woo hoo!  They said oh yes, they want to go back to Hondo and they told others at the table that we made them feel very welcome...wasn't that nice!  Gave us a snuggle feeling!


  1. Wondering how long you will be in AL. We leave NJ Jan 4 and head to Len's son in Cullman,AL for a few days. Then plan on heading to Rainbow Plantation for a spell. Only a week or so sometime late Jan. Would love to meet Ellie too after all these years. We have to be in Moss Point MS on Jan 26.

  2. Phyllis - we will be leaving Sunday morning - but Jim and Elllie will be here through January I think - we are having lunch with them today!

    Such a super couple - I know you will enjoy them!