Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 19, 2011 - Ernie's driveway part 3

Oh man - I didn't think I could get tireder than last night, but tonight we are so exhausted don't know where to put ourselves!  Seems like everything we do demo wise there are issues...

Cockpit by drivers door - because of shoddy workmanship in Elkhart, IN our floor is soaking wet - and some rot as well, so Ernie is going to have to replace some sub-floor :(

Some of the carpeting is not only stapled but glued down - and let's not even talk about under the slide!!!  Ernie called in a friend to come help tomorrow - David and I are just shot!

We do however, love the bathroom which is finished, and we know we are going to love the new carpet and entry - if we can just get this demo DONE...

Here are a couple pics - enjoy!

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