Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dec 28, 2011 A day in the life!

A typical day in the life of a full time RVer!

We got moving around 9 this morning - had our coffee and banana, talked about our day. Did a little paperwork (today this was getting the paperwork done for the lot improvement committee), showered, took Cinder for a walk, chatted with a couple of neighbors (the whole park is considered 'neighbors'), stopped at the office and got copies made, dropped them in the correct boxes, drove to the Nutrition Center and had lunch.

That is one thing that we do take advantage of being seniors - the lunches are very good, today was pork chop w/gravy, sauteed squash, peas, fresh baked wheat biscuit, cupcake and ice tea/coffee, all for the incredible price of $3 each! It also is a very social gathering - you go in around 11, choose a table and chat until 11:30 when the food is served, then you chat and eat, and chat some more! What a deal!

We then drove to Castroville (about 15 miles) and ordered a windshield for our golf cart. Believe me, when it is cold and rainy, you really need a windshield! We will be picking it up tomorrow afternoon I hope!

We will be going to social hour - today is Wacky Wednesday, and I don't know what that means, but it is sure to be fun! After social hour we will come home and have leftovers - after we take Cinder for her run.

It is very funny to see her running ahead like she is pulling the golf cart! Here is the only place she really can run and stretch her legs - she doesn't like to run in dog parks (too busy sniffing), and I certainly don't go fast enough for her to really run, but here where we can run the cart, she goes over 17 mph!!! It is very good for her to stretch those legs like that!

We'll settle in tonight and watch a movie maybe - or whatever we can pick up on our antenna...we don't pay for dish/satellite etc., and the park does not offer cable, so we are at the mercy of our antenna, which actually is pretty good!

There ya have it - a day in the life of...and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. You two are my heroes! Always finding those inexpensive meals!