Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 1, 2012 Happy New Year

I started out the New Year by forgetting my camera for the NY Eve party...not good!  I also started out the year by making 3 commercial pans of yummy cornbread, to go with black eyed peas, corned beef & cabbage, and too many finger foods to name!  All this with about 80 of our friends at the clubhouse here in Hondo, TX.  We had a very nice time, eating and chatting with friends!  We were home by 9:15, David was asleep in his chair by 9:45, and I was playing solitaire and watching the ball drop in San Antonio on TV...then the fireworks started here - whew, they went until about 1:15am.  Happy New Year!

I thought about the past year - Last Jan 1 I flew to Pittsburgh because my Mom was ill - and after one thing led to another she passed away March 8.  I love you mom and miss you everyday - but then you know that!

I flew back to San Antonio on April 11th, and on April 25th we started our 'summer' trip, which took us through NM, AZ, UT, CO, WY, NE, IA,WI, MI, IN, OH and back to PA.  It was a simply marvelous trip, where we were blessed by the birth of our first 'great' grandson, with few problems and was very healing.

Aug 9th we were in Cortland OH when my Dad called, said he wasn't feeling well, could I come - of course I did and within a few hours the diagnosis came back that he had pancreatic cancer.  The docs said 3 months at best, we called in Hospice and we had two and one-half marvelous months!  Dad had no pain, and we did everything he wanted to do.  He was at peace and ready to go be with mom.  We did a lot of serious porch sitting, which was what he wanted.  Dad passed away Oct 23rd.  I love you dad and miss you everyday - but then you know that!

On Nov 15th we started our journey back to TX - via Tampa to visit with our precious daughter, Dawn.  She came through the fire of a year in Afghanistan, and the loss of both her grandparents.  She is a strong, compassionate and amazing woman - I'm so very proud of her!  We got to see her 6 nights, and each one was wonderful!  I love you Dawn..but then you know that!

We went through MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, MS, LA, and finally back into TX. 

Throughout the entire year, the love of my life, David and I stood hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder, enjoying every vista, every experience, every sorrow.  Darling, I love being with you every day - but then you know that!

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  1. Beautiful post Peggy!!! Happy New Year to both of you!