Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jan 21, 2012 Updates

So…update since Jan 5th  We’ve been so busy, but not doing really exciting things.  I’ve found it is very hard to keep up a blog when you are just ‘livin’ life’! 
We have social hour at the clubhouse Mon, Wed and Friday at 4 – we go to the Nutrition Center for lunch most days when it is not chicken (David is allergic), and really, the meals are great, can’t beat the price at $3.00 each, but we go even more for the social aspect of it.  You arrive by 11:15, sit with a group of people that you may or may not know, chat for about 15 minutes and then get a really good lunch – then chat for another half an hour or so and then go about your business :)  We really enjoy it!

We’ve also remodeled our shed and repaired the driveway here at LSC.  Here are some before and after pics – it was a very busy couple of weeks!  David already has two computers on his new ‘bench’ working on them!  IF there is enough wifi mojo I’ll put some pictures up!

One of the other things we have been doing is seeing doctors – David has seen the ENT specialist at Audie Murphy, and Feb 9th he has surgery to permanently implant ear tubes – he met with the GI specialist last week, and this past week he met with the pulmonary folks, the Optical folks for new glasses, the purple team Dr who put him on metformin – it’s official, he’s listed as a diabetic, and the pharmacy specialist to order all his new drugs!!!  We now have more appointments the week we had slated for Big Bend :(  Dang it!
Today at the clubhouse LSC hosted the ‘fiddler’s’, a great group of musicians that come here twice a year and jam – we have a wonderful pot luck lunch (I made a terrific taco casserole) and spent a couple hours listening to some pretty good music! 

Monday nights a group of us ‘gals’ go for an early dinner and then play bingo at the local church – have a great time and make a donation every week!  David and Bob usually go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner – he won’t have as much fun now – he’ll have to eat healthy!  Friday night it is bingo at the clubhouse, and Sunday is ice cream social followed by card bingo…all great fun!

We just found out that they have found a tumor on my cousin’s kidney, it is cancer, and they will remove her kidney at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh on Monday.  She will then have to endure 21 to 22 weeks of chemo…She is 6 years old, so if you could, please say a prayer for her.  Back at the beginning of October, we had a picnic and the kids went on a hayride – Abigail is the one dressed all in pink. 

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  1. The fiddler's were great and your taco casserole was delicious...would love the recipe. And definitely praying for little Abigail and your extended family.