Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 26 – 29 Eating our way through Rockport TX

Well, we are poorer by about $900 – new water heater plus labor :(  The good news is that one of the places here had one in stock, and the repair guy had time to put it in, AND we now have lots and lots of lovely hot water!  Woohoo!

Friday was a get ‘er fixed day – and Friday we went to Port A Pizzeria where we had wonderful salad bar and pizza buffet!  We went with Dave and Janet of course, and with two of their friends, Don and Mary.  A good time was had by all!  Then in the evening, we went to ‘Moon Dogs’ a little restaurant/bar on the bay here in Rockport.  It had been recommended by our repair man, who said go there and get their brisket nacho’s…he really knew what he was talking about!  I am not normally a fan of nacho’s, so I ordered a burger, and it was the best burger I’ve had in a long time.  Here are a couple of pics, but believe me, they do not do justice to the SIZE of these plates!!!  Oh yeah, the nacho’s pic was after David had eaten on it for 15 minutes!!!  Whew, and it was the small!

Saturday morning I set my alarm (oh man, I hate that!) and picked up Janet at 7 am, picked up Barb right after,  and we headed over to the Allegro Key Women’s Rummage Sale, their biggest fundraiser of the year.  We stood in line for 1.5 hours, with probably 300 people behind US…it opened at 8, they will only allow 25 in at a time because of fire code.  I got a nice long sleeved denim shirt with nautical theme and a waffle maker for $4.50 total.  Janet and Barb got some nice things too!  We then went to the Rockport Vendor Market where we about got blowed away – wind gusts of 30 mph, coming off the bay and very cold!
Saturday afternoon was naps, (can’t miss that!) and then we picked up Janet and Dave and headed for the Seafood & Spaghetti House in Port Aransas that they love, and boy, can we see why!  I had the seafood feast, David had the pasta platter, there was a wonderful soup and salad bar with fresh garlic rolls…and we had zero room for dessert.  On the dessert menu was something we would have loved to try…Butterfinger cheesecake with butterfinger sauce…now doesn’t that sound SO good!  We got back home about 9 ish and just sat around and moaned about how full we were! 

We skyped with daughter Tanaya and the great grandbabies, Aliyah and Landon, and got our belly laughs in for the day - they are so very adorable!  Aliyah has an amazing vocabulary for such a little one, and Landon in his 'jumper' was a dancin' fool.  We really laughed a lot! 
Update on Abigail - she is out of ICU, only has 1 tube left, the tumor weighed 5#, and she is doing as well as can be expected.  I am still requesting prayers, as she has a long way to go for chemo - they said that she was born with the cancer but that it just became active the past couple months. 
Dave and Janet, and David my love, thanks for helping me make wonderful memories!

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  1. Thanks for the update on Abigail. Wow 5 lbs!!! Continuing to pray for her and the family.

    And that seafood plate looks delicious.