Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 5, 2012 Appts and 'stuff'

We've been quite busy, and I'll post pics when the 'shed' is done, but we have a contractor here doing some deferred maintenance, and making our shed our home! There was a piece of siding that was cracked, and we lucked out on that, as they had stored several pieces they didn't use up in the ceiling - which we found when we removed the ceiling tiles that were stained. I'm so glad we don't have to try to match the faded siding! We are having the building sealed, painted and new flooring put down. Now, our shed is just 12 X 24, so although it sounds like a ton of work and money, it is just a modest amount :) We should never have to have this done again, considering we only spend 5 months or so a year here! We also are having some driveway maintenance done - which in this case meant cutting off the cement cap at the end, removing the crumbled stuff and then tomorrow we get new concrete! Yaay!

I've had two days of training on our Membership Committee here in the park, and it is very interesting. Don't know when they want me to go back, but I'm sure they'll let me know!

Today was 2 appointments at the VA in San Antonio for David, a blood draw at 10 am, then an appt to see the ENT specialist at 3:30...he goes back in 5 weeks and they will put permanent tubes in his ears - YAY! He should never have to go through another 5 months of agony with his ears!

Between the two appointments we went to the golf cart store in and got a mirror for the golf cart - it is hard to see behind ya without one! Then we went to Sam's and got some much needed supplies - I'm planning on making Chili for a group of us for dinner on Sat evening - looking forward to that!

Thought you might want to know what our plans are for the next year...our plans are always set in jello, but here goes:

Last week of Jan we are going to try to get to Rockport to spend a couple days with our friends, Dave & Janet, then Feb 1 - 7 we will be in Mission TX with Ron and Kathy (yippee), then back here to LSC and a possible trip to Big Bend with some folks from the park...then mid March we will head toward New Orleans, spend a week or so down there, then make our way leisurely up the Natchez Trace, and on into PA, arriving there around the beginning of May. We will be spending the summer there, clearing out the house, having yard sales, and making the house 'ours', and if all goes well, we will be spending lots of time with our grandkids that have been in Japan for 3 years...Yaaay! It's possible we may have the with us for 5 - 6 weeks!

We plan to be in Myrtle Beach for the USS Tolovana reunion, which is the ship that David served on in Vietnam. From there we will mosey on down to Pensacola for the Blue Angels 'Welcome Home' show...then make our way back here to TX by Thanksgiving. That's the plan...and it can change at a moments notice...follow along and see how we are doing with it!

We love this RVing life :)


  1. Chili dinner on Saturday??? Can we come?? Is it wrong to invite party crashers??? Can I bring something???? Tell me to get's okay... Really so glad that things went well for David today and you can move forward with getting his ears working right.

  2. Kinda feels good to have some plans well in advance even if they are fluid. I am like that too. We "sorta" know where we will be for the next year. Or at least in what direction we will head.