Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan 26, 2012

Once again, we’ve been too busy living life to write much on a blog, so an update is in order J 
We had a couple of days of getting the MH ready to roll, and on Wed, the 25th we headed down to Rockport, TX.  Rockport is a lovely little town on the gulf coast of TX that we really enjoyed when we spent 4 months here in 2009/10. 

But, before we left, we went out to dinner with Bob and Jan Wheaton, and Armando Vasquez, who will have left the park by the time we get back on Feb 8th!   I got to pick the place, so we went to Napoli’s in Castroville.  Oh my, what a good choice!  A couple of us had pasta combo’s, David had a Stromboli that he said was fantastic, Jan and Bob had fettuccine alfredo, 1 with and 1 without chicken ;)  A great dinner with wonderful friends – what more can you ask for!

Once we arrived here in Rockport, we called our friends, Janet and Dave and we all went to China A for a wonderful dinner.  I didn’t get any pictures last night, but I’m sure to tomorrow!
This morning we had quite a shock – I turned on the hot water heater and we were just having our coffee when we heard a ‘pop’ and then water running – we found that under the refrigerator there was hot water running – outside in a bay…so we turned off the hot water, and then all the water…called a mobile RV and tomorrow they will come and let us know if it can be fixed or have to be replaced :(  I SO hope it can be fixed!  Of course I didn’t get a shower this morning, this campground doesn’t have a ‘shower house’, so it was a cold wash and heated a pot of water on the stove to wash my hair.  After all this mess, we went for a drive, had breakfast at Alice Fay on the Bay restaurant, continued to drive around town, did some shopping at the historic district, stopped at Stevie Lew’s BBQ and picked up some ribs and pulled pork to bring home for dinner.  And that’s what we did – came home, played ball with Cinder, and I made baked sweet potatoes and salad to go with the BBQ – it was very very good and we are now snuggled in for the night.


  1. Oh dear, I do hope the repairs are minor. We've been having issues with our water heater also. When on propane, very little hot water. Only worked on electric. We had a repairman who lives here at Rainbow Plantation fix it. Or so we thought. He put new heating unit on. Worked for four days. He put another one on. Worked for a few more days and last night again no hot water. We leave tomorrow. Not sure what we will do. Time is running out.

    1. Well, it was the hot water heater tank - split. So, we ended up buying a new hot water heater and having it the tune of about $700.00...there is NOTHING cheap about a motorhome!!! Of course, the water heater in here was original and so 15 years old...just so inconvenient! We were lucky that 'Camper Clinic' had one in stock and Keckner's RV Service was able to install today!!1 Otherwise we would have had to get one delivered on Monday and not installed 'til next Thursday - and we will be heading to Mission TX on Wed...whew!