Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 11, 2011 Summerdale AL to Houma LA

Oh my, we've been busy the past couple days!  On Friday it was clean up day at the ranch - so I took off and did laundry, at least that was the plan!  I left the MH and went over to the laundry, only to find out that there were only 3 washers and 5 dryers...the washers were full and there was already someone waiting for them next.  I got there at 8:15 and got back to the MH about 12...NOT a typical wash day!  While I was there, David dumped the tanks, did the dishes, vacumned the MH...and played on his 'puter!

When I got home we were starving - and hungry for chinese, so off we went, and had a very reasonable buffet for 13.50 for the two of us - it was excellent!  I had about a half a sore throat, and when Ellie called to see if we wanted to go along to a country jam/line dance place, I said no...and I took nyquil at 4 and again at midnight. 

When I got up on Sat morning, I felt pretty chipper, so off we went to Mobile, where we toured the USS Alabama.  USSALABAMA.COM  This is a battleship, and David wasin his glory!  We spent about 3 hours touring, and got some great pictures,
however you are better served clicking the link - gives you a lot of history that we read but couldn't share here because I don't do very well with statistics!

When we got home we napped, then went over to visit with Ellie & Jim - chatted for about 2 hours - and I know that we will see these good friends down the road!  We had hamburger helper cheeseburger macaroni for dinner...nothing fancy but comfort food all the same :)

We got up this morning and were on the road by 9:05 - we had tentatively scheduled a day that would be about 3 hours long, and instead we just kept rolling until 2:30, when we located a campground in Houma LA.  We stopped, set up and I made a great dinner, Salisbury steak, bakes sweet potato, brussel sprouts and was very yummy and heated the MH up nicely! 

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