Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec 13, 2011 Betty's RV Park, Avery Island

We arrived here in Abbeville, LA at Betty's RV Park, and it is everything we heard about.  Betty is a wonderful warm, welcoming lady, and the 4:30 happy hour is just that - each couple brings what they want to drink, from ice tea to scotch (me, I took wine:), and something to munch on.  What a kick it was!  There was lots of munchies, and didn't break up until after 6...both nights!  Met some terrific people!

Today after we got moving (at the crack of 10 am), we headed out to Avery Island, the home of the McIlhenny Tabasco company.  The tour was very interesting, and we did learn some things - about Tabasco, how they make it, and the different varieties they make now.  For example, they now make a buffalo hot sauce that David likes, as well as a habanero blend - whew hot hot hot!  I particularly liked the spicy teriyaki version - and bought a bottle of it. 

One of the interesting things we found out is that there is a salt mine under the island - they have drilled down more than 2200 feet and still didn't make it through the salt!    They use the salt in the Tabasco, and they also put a layer on top of the barrels which ferment for 3 years - very interesting. 

However, the best thing was the 'store' next door, where any and everything Tabasco is sold!  David sampled Chili, and 9 different varieties of hot sauces, and then he had jalapeno ice cream...no wonder his tummy was upset this afternoon!  Whew!  We did indulge in a few things, but didn't break the bank :) 

We then drove all around this parish!  Lots of swamp and water - thought about taking an airboat tour, but it is just not the season for it.  We ended up going to Sweirs (rhymes with Beers) for lunch, had a terrific shrimp po boy...forgot to take pictures sorry, but take my word for it, it was worth taking a picture of!  We then stopped at WalMart where we made our usual donation stopped and bought a bag of satsuma oranges and a bag of fresh dug sweet potatoes, and came home...where I made a really nice plate of layered Mexican dip and headed over for happy hour :) 

We'll be heading out tomorrow, and I will tell you that I have not finished with this area :)  So many places and so little time!!!

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  1. We've toured the Tabasco plant years ago. Don't remember the store though.

    Heard of Betty's. Every review is the same. Gonna have to give it a try some day.

    If you travel I10, when you pass by Exit 4 ramp, remember Len. That was the location of his childhood home until I10 came through. Some brothers now live in Sulphur, some in Vinton (exit 4) and sisters right over the Sabine in Orange, TX.