Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1, 2010 Goodbye to more friends

Yes - the Sabinal Grill is wonderful.  It is sure to be on our 'stop' list when we are driving through Sabinal!  David had an enchilada plate that he said was good, I had tilapia, baked potatoe and salad bar...yum!  We shared a piece of lemon merengue pie!  Then we took advantage of having our home with us, and pulled into a rest area to take a nap :)  We had started our generator to 'exercise it' (you are supposed to do that every month), and had the air conditioner on - it was heavenly taking a nice nap before going on down the road!

We got set up on our lot around 6ish, and had an early night.  The past couple days have been very busy - end of month stuff in the office, and much mowing, weeding, and spiffing up for the co-op since we are having our 23rd birthday celebration tomorrow!  The club is furnishing 'speedies' (a wonderful marinated grilled sandwich) and everyone is bringing side salads...oh yeah, there will be cake and ice cream too!  I'm making a big tossed salad with homemade dressing.

Last night 8 of us went to Bill & Rosa's for a goodbye dinner with some wonderful people, Mike and Caryn Drew.  They've been work campers here at the park since November, 2009 and although we didn't get to know them over a long periof of time, we enjoyed their company while we did, and look forward to seeing them come back next fall!  I've got some pics to add later at this spot!

Tonight we are going for groceries and having dinner at the Jade Buffet - David actually likes it - 'cause he loves their shrimp and fried, I like it all! 

All for now - I'll try to post pics tonight or tomorrow!

Mike and Caryn, Bonnie & Ed, Bob & Jan...thanks for the memories!

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