Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi y'all :) 

We have had much beautiful weather here - some frosty mornings, but ALWAYS into the 60's in the daytime - and more often than not into the 70's...can't beat it!

We had a marvelous Thanksgiving...and yesterday were invited to our friends, Walker & Evelyn Lane for a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner!  Walker got an electric turkey fryer he wanted to try out, so Evelyn pulled out all the stops and made potatoes, yams, ham, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and a wonderful million dollar cake - I took a green bean casserole (told ya it eas a repeat!) and enjoyed their company as well as Ernie & Barb Richardson...we were stuffed to the max!

Thursday evening about 15 of us from the park when caroling through the park - we had a great time and several people came up to me the past couple days saying how much they enjoyed it.  We will be caroling again either on Wed or Thurs night this week.  Fun fun fun!  Nice to go Caroling when you don't have to wear boots and mittens!!!

Friday evening we went to San Antonio - we've been waiting to pay for the boat tour until the Christmas lights were lit...and it was time :)  We went into town, found a great parking place for $4...and walked down to the riverwalk.  We walked through the shops at LaVillita, then on down...had a wonderful dinner at Texas Republic (I had queso and fantastic Chicken Tortilla Soup - David had Enchilada's and shared my queso), and when it was just getting dark (about 5:45) we got on our boat.  40 minutes of fantastic history and gorgeous christmas displays!  Well worth the $14.25 price for the two of us :)

We did manage to take the camera, but I don't have the pics downloaded yet! 

Thanks for the prayers for Dawn's safety in Afghanistan - please continue to remember her in your prayers.

Thanks to all for some great memories - and David, as always thanks for being the love of my life!


  1. Just wanted to wish you both a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It is not nice here. No school yesterday and a 2 hour delay today. Wind chill like about -8! I'm really hating winter more and more!! Looks like the Gary Christmas dinner is cancelled. Only 29 were going to attend! What a shame!!Anyway!! Have a good one on us!! Love, Ross, Rita and Ryan

  2. Good to see your post. Have a very Merry Christmas and let your new year be the best ever!

  3. Hi Peggy & David

    We are friends with Phyllis and Len and follow their blog. She mentioned on my blog that you guys were friends and that you are the current managers at Lone Star Corral.

    We are Ali & Ron and have just accepted the position at Lone Star that you are vacating. Wonder if it is okay to follow your blog and bend your ear? We are looking forward to our trip to Hondo and meeting you both. I am sure you have lots to teach us.

    Your little puppy sounds adorable. We don't have any pets as we had to get rid of our Charlie Brown to work/travel with the carnival.

    Caroling sounds so fun. We are not able to do that this year as we are selling Christmas trees here in Edmonds, WA.

    Talk to you soon.

  4. Ali - yes of course you can follow the blog, and you can email me anytime! I'm looking forward to meeting you both, as is David!

    In a perfect world we would stay here in Hondo another year, because we love the job and the people...and I'm sure you will too!

    You can bend my ear anytime :) You might want to keep an eye on the lsc website, and check out pictures as well as the newsletter - it will give you some insight as to what goes on prior to your arrival!

  5. Peggy - tried to find your email address but could not find it. I hope I have not implied in any of my writing that you & David were doing a bad job at LSC...that has NEVER been my intention. Bonnie told me the reason you guys were leaving was due to the ill health of your Mom in PA. As we have thought about are coming to LSC I have prayed for your mom and all involved in her care. If I said something to offend you I am truly sorry.

    My email is - if you write me there I can reply back and then have your email address.