Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011 Berlin PA

So - Hospice came in this morning, and they are on board.  Dad can eat most anything he wants at this time - it will progress where he won't be able to eat, but until that happens, it is ice cream every night :) 

This morning he had scrambled eggs and donuts :)  For dinner we are having country style ribs in Gold Sauce, baked new red potatoes, fried zuchini, and apple crisp (thannks Donna)! 

Lots of phone calls today - cancelling different appts for dad, making a vet appt for Cinder (check up and wellness), Comcast for internet, electrician to get a 30 amp plug in outside the house so we can plug in the MH.  SO very busy - oh yeah, doing laundry too! 

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts - we appreciate it so much!


  1. Thoughts will continue to be with you.

  2. What a huge shift in your life, so much to absorb. I know how strong you are, but let yourself collapse when you need to. Praying... I care for my parents (Dad has 3 kinds of cancer and is on dialysis) and help out with a long time friend who has less than three months to live. I only say that to let you know I am here if you want to vent!

  3. Oh no, Peggy - I didn't realize you were having these issues again so soon. But, for sure glad you are back where you are needed and loved during this time.