Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oct 21 - 25, 2012 Savannah GA

Sunday, Oct 21, 2012
We drove on down to Hardeeville, SC, which is just 10 miles from Savannah, GA.  We to in around 2 and just hung out…I bought us 2 day trolley passes for downtown Savannah..stay tuned!

Monday, Oct 22, 2012
We drove into Savannah and got on our trolley, I must say I totally recommend this way of seeing the city.  If you go by yourself, you may very well see all the sites, but you won’t know it!  Also the parking in the downtown area is atrocious!  Anywho, we got off at stop #2 and strolled over to ‘The Lady and Sons’ Paula Dean’s restaurant.  Now there are good and bad reviews on this restaurant, but we fall into the ‘exellent’ review!  We walked up to the window at 10:45, gave our names for the 11 o’clock seating, and our names were called at 11:05 – we were sent to the third level dining (elevator) and a lovely young lady brought us each a hot hoecake and a garlic cheddar biscuit, took our drink orders and left menus…  I got the buffet, and I must say that the fried chicken was melt off the bone tender with crispy breading – fantastic!  Also there was meatloaf, any number of veggies, mashed potatoes, a fantastic corn souffl√© dish, sweet potatoes, and for dessert, peach cobbler!  David ordered a meatloaf sandwich, and there must have been a pound of meatloaf on that sandwich, along with very different fried potatoes…wow, we waddled out of there!

We hopped back on our trolley and off again to see several very old building (1792 old), and then when we got to River St we got off – David sat and watched the river while I shopped – in and out of at least 20 stores…we got back on the trolley and continued around back to the beginning. 

Got back home and just collapsed – had leftovers for dinner and watched the boob tube until the sandman came wandering by!

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012
This was a rest and catch up day – did a load of laundry – the Laundromat at the park was pretty crappy, so I only did one load – cleaned the MH, took Cinder for a long walk, then we headed out to find a WalMart – can you believe we had to go 11 miles to find one!  Sheesh!

Oct 24, 2012
OK - today we ate at Mrs Wilkes - we got on the trolley at 9 and were there by 9:25 - if you are very early like we were, there are benches for about 9 people, so we got a bench - they opened at 11 and holy cow, the trolley drivers told us it was the best southern food in GA, and they were right!  There was fried chicken that was hot and crisp on the outside and melted off the bone on the inside, beef stew, meatloaf/gravy, stuffing, collard greens, au gratin potatoes, black eyed peas, green beans, baked beans, rutabagas, sweet potato casserole, sauteed cabbage, mac and cheese, cukes with vinegar, cole slaw, biscuits and cornbread, corn on the cob and corn casserole, blueberry cobbler and banana pudding.  It was served family style and was so fantastic and fun!  We waddled out of there!  Highly recommend Wilkes.

We got back on the trolley and got off at River Street once again, and I shopped the other direction! 

Oct 25, 2012
We drove to Hilton Head Island – what a bore!  We’re looking to find a beach and play in the water, but every beach was a far walk from the parking area.  It was around ¼ mile from the car to the beach and David was not up to walking that far, especially carrying chairs and paraphernalia so we came back home.

We went to dinner at Crab Shack on Tybee Island – with Nick, Terry, Greg & Jan…the food was fabulous as well as the company!  I’ll let the pictures speak for me!

Top photo is Greg and Jan, bottom photo is Nick and Terry!  We had a great time - thanks for letting us horn in on your celebration! 
I'll try to get back on with pictures when we get somewhere with a good internet connection!


  1. If you are planning to be in the area for a while, check out James Island County Campground (just over the bridge). You are 10 minutes from Folley Beach and they have a Charleston shuttle to and from the campground. The park, itself, offers a lot to do. For what it offers, I don't think it is too expensive.

    Great area to enjoy during a great time of year. We ate at Poe's on Sullivan Island one afternoon--good burgers. There are some good restaurants on James Island, too, if you don't feel like going into the city. We visited many, many times when my daughter was in medical school--never tired of Charleston though I would avoid it in the heat of the summer. Took a ride to Hunting Island one day and got eaten up by bugs--saw nary a bug at James Island on the same day--that was summer, of course. Hunting Island is a beautiful place, too, and a nice day trip.

    1. Thanks for the info - next time we will try that park!