Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 4 to 6, Pahrump, NV

April 4, 2013 Kingman AZ to Pahrump NV

We were on the road by 9 am and after filling up with gas at a Flying J (RANT – why do they make an RV Lane for RV’s that is so tight in the turn that if a car is parked there you can’t make it??? – and WHY do they have an RV gas pump that stops every $75??? Really???) we started our 150 mile trip.  It was pretty uneventful and we pulled into the Pair O Dice Escapees park a bit before noon.  

Immediately we were greeted by our friends, Larry & Claudia King, who had just moved to boondock because they were going to visit their kids in CA.  We got registered and we’re only 4 sites down from Jim and Sharon Guthrie, friend who used to be at Lone Star Corral! 

We were immediately invited to a BOOMERANG – first one of those for us, but it was fun and it looks like something we will be joining J  It is a BOF Escapee group that just gets together basically to eat and drink…both things we enjoy!  It was at 3 o’clock, we took a fruit tray and there was quite a bit of food, and lots of laughter!  Pictures were taken but not by us :(  At 4 we all went to the clubhouse for ‘Happy Hour’, and they have a cantina set up and sell wine for .75 per glass and beer for I think $1…that was nice – don’t have to cart my wine with me…hahaha!

After social hour we came home had a bowl of soup for dinner and just vegged out! 

April 5 – Friday

We went into Pahrump and drove around the town, looking at several RV parks.  We’re looking for someplace to put the MH for a month while we go into CA and go on our cruise.  We settled on the Moose Club who have water and electric hookups, and they have security so that is ok – the price is right, they ask for a donation :)

We also checked out Animal House, a new boarding/grooming business here.  Filled out all the paperwork and Cinder will be staying there while we are away.  It is very clean and the people are nice, I was comfortable leaving her there.

We came back to the park and went to a burger/dog feed.  Again, everyone was asked to bring a dish to share, and I made a bowl of macaroni salad.  It was $2 per person for burgers/dogs, and tons of other food to eat.  There was Karaoke, line dancing, door prizes, etc…lots of fun!

April 6, 2013 Saturday Pahrump

This morning we had nothing going on, I went and did laundry so that is done for a while, then we got ready to go visit Shoshone, CA to see what was there.  Got in the car and it would not start!!!  So, David thought it was flooded, so we waited a half hour and still wouldn’t start.  Well, by then it is 11 on a Saturday morning…Good Sam ERS to the rescue.  They sent a tow truck and hauled it into the Chevy dealer – our friend Jim drove us in about 15 mins later.  When we went in the guy just started laughing, cause he got in and it started right up!!!  Can you believe it?  They ran it through the diagnostics and everything checked out – he thinks that perhaps it is the starter, but they started it multiple times and it performed like a champ…sheesh!  So, after paying for the diagnostics (ouch) we left and visited the Pahrump Winery, where I tasted 7 different wines for FREE and bought 2 bottles :)  We came back to the MH and just checked out for a couple hours…and then…

We went to a potato bake!  It was $2 per person, everyone brought toppings and a dish to share and it was marvelous! The potatoes were huge, the toppings were plenty - bacon, butter, sour cream, ranch dressing, several cheeses, taco meat, chili, and nothing ran out - and the dishes to share were great - lots of salads, veggies and cakes! On my potato was butter, cheese, bacon, ranch...and a huge spinach mandarin orange salad...yummy!

After the food there was music, line dancing, regular dancing, winners of Silent Auction announced, winners of raffles announced, a ‘leg and boots’ contest was held and it was hysterical – there was smoothest leg, hairiest leg, most crippled leg (two knee replacements), blue boots, skinniest legs, red boots, longest legs, smallest feet…and I can’t remember the rest.  They formed a conga line and danced between the tables and we just cracked up…the ladies were flirting with their skirts and the guy that got smoothest leg had on hose!  What a hoot!

We are now back at the MH, happily tired!  What a great life this is :)

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