Saturday, June 15, 2013

Glacier National Park MT to Sturgis SD

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Got up early and hit the road to Glacier National Park. It is 140 miles from St Regis, and I wanted to get my ‘passport’ stamped, so off we went. We drove through some amazing country, and since most of the way the speed limit was 70, it didn’t take as long as it could have! We stopped in Lakeside and had breakfast – it was good but nothing special. We went on up to the park, stopped at the Ranger Station, and watched the web cam they had showing the front end loaders getting rid of snow. The drift was 60 FEET deep…and over a mile long! They hope to have the road open by the 21st of June, but last year it was July 4th! WOW – lot of snow!

We drove to the Lake Macdonald Lodge and got some good pictures – as usual pictures do NOT do it justice! We stopped at ‘The Huckleberry Patch’ where I indulged in a huckleberry shake, and got a bottle of chipotle huckleberry glaze to put on cream cheese – it will be a ‘happy hour’ appearance at National! Also came upon a sale of Glacier National Park T-shirts – now I don’t usually buy these ‘cause they are normally about $19 each, this was buy 3 for $27 – so I bought 3! I got the size that will fit David and work for me as well! Yaay for a bargain!

When we got back here to St Regis, it was 5:30 and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast – so we stopped at ‘Frosty’ for burgers and shared an order of onion rings – very good!

I hooked up the car tonight since we had a pull through site – that makes the morning go so much faster! We’ll be traveling 185 miles to Butte, MT tomorrow!

Glacier (5)Glacier (8)

June 6, 2013

We got up and hit the road, expecting to make it to Billlings, MT…but after about 40 miles of 10 mile stretches of very bad construction – we stopped just outside of Butte, MT. We stayed at a PA park and what a bargain - $15 for full hookups…but we only used elec and water J We unhooked the car and drove into Butte, and lo and behold there is a Taco John’s there. We had not enjoyed that for 2 years, so of course that is where we ate! After a stop at Wally World we headed back to the MH. It was a LONG day!

June 7, 2013

Drove to Reed Point RV park – never even unhooked the car.

June 8, 2013

Drove to Garryowen, MT and stayed at an Escapee’s park there. Very nice park, but at $32.93 a little pricier than we like. However, the Little Bighorn National Battlefield/Monument is there, so we un-hooked and off we went. First stop was at the Trading post where we had marvelous Indian Taco’s…so good – we were too full to even have a piece of the fantastic looking homemade coconut cream pie!

We toured the battlefield, where you can buy an audio tour on CD OR you can call on your cell phone and follow the markers, which is what we did. WOW – I think that Custer should have waited until all his players got there before they started the fight. Just driving around those hills, you could tell that anytime you popped up a head it was gonna get shot! Amazement at the tomb stones all over and the stories that we heard held us spellbound.

We then stopped at the Museum and upon learning that it was $7.50 per person to go in gave it a pass. There are far too many ‘free’ wonderful museums to have to pay to see one. When we go to the free ones, we ALWAYS make a donation of at least $5 and sometimes $20…but don’t like having to pay prior to seeing! How do you feel about that?



BIG sky country!


June 9, 2013

Drove to Belle Fourche MT, and are staying at Wyatt’s Hideaway, a very nice RV park that is also PA and Escapees - $20 per night. Nice grassy sites, well taken care of. We went for dinner at the local chinese restaurant and it was fantastic. I had pork lo mein and David had egg foo young – both meals were great!

June 10, 2013

Got up this morning and headed out to see if we could find someplace to do some repairs on our coach – we have some water leak issues. We went to Spearfish first, which is 11 miles away. The big draw there was a ‘smart style salon’ in the Wal-Mart. We both got haircuts and David got a beard trim! Then we headed down I-90 to Sturgis, drove around town and then went into Rapid City. Of course by the time we got there it was 1:30 and we were starving – so we stopped at Golden Corral and had a feast! They really have a great deal for seniors – it was $16 for both of us including drinks, and the food was very good!

We left and started back to the park, and found an RV Repair place at the junction of 34 and I-90. When we went in and talked to their service department we asked if we could bring our rig by and have them tell us what parts we needed, we could get them ordered and bring it in for service in about 2 weeks. They were pretty arrogant about not even having anyone available to LOOK at it for 3 weeks – possibly longer. He did recommend a place in Belle Fourche to get the oil changed and lube done – we have an appointment for that tomorrow morning at 10…they are also supposed to flush the radiator and service the generator. We haven’t had anything done since we left TX and we’ve put a lot of miles on this old girl!

June 11, 2013

Spent all day at the garage – took the MH in at 10 am – finally got it out at 3:45. Spent the day driving around – breakfast at Taco Johns, saw the spot in Belle Fourche that is the CENTER OF THE NATION 100_6813100_6819100_6820– stopped at a park for an hour and let Cinder play, tried to find a winery and never did – shopped a little and bought some Red Ass Rhubarb wine, which I expect to share with someone at National J Had a late lunch early dinner at Belle Inn, and it was very good – bought a caramel roll to go – we had it last night and man, I wish I’d a bough a dozen of them! Creamy, caramel, moist goodness!

We were under a severe thunderstorm watch and we got it – but we did NOT get the hail and the wind that they did in some places!

June 12, 2013

Got a late start today, couldn’t get David moving until 10:30 – we drove out to Shadow Ranch where our rally will be next week – lovely place about 12 miles outside of Sturgis. Talked to the owner who said we would have everything there we could possibly need – he was a very nice man!

Then we went up to Spearfish to Lincare. David was out of oxygen in his small bottles, and we stopped in there to see if we could get some – they needed a prescription. David called the VA and they faxed a prescription to Lincare, and we gave them 2 bottles empty and they gave us (for $24) two full bottles. Sheesh!

We had lunch at a place called Pizza Ranch, which is a pizza buffet, but they also have a good salad bar, fried chicken, Mashed potatoes, gravy and two veggies…it came to $16 including drinks. We decided that I would use what I planned for dinner tomorrow, as neither one of us was hungry for dinner.

We then drove through Spearfish canyon, a scenic trip of 14 miles – breath taking! We once again saw Bridal Veil Falls – we’ve seen falls with this name in almost every state on this trip! Not very original :)

David Montana (28)David Montana (30)

Drove through the towns of Lead, Central City and Deadwood. Did not stop to gamble.  We will probably go up to Deadwood another day.

June 13, 2013

Clean up day – David got the ladder down for me and I cleaned the entire cockpit area – windows plus all the ‘bugs’ on the front. Boy was it dirty!

Caught up on all the laundry, made up a menu for National, then rested!

Friday, June 14, 2013

We were going to drive to see Crazy Horse, but decided to do that the week after National and before Escapade!

I drove into Sturgis wanting to get a mani/pedi, only to find out they could only give me a pedi…small towns! We try to spend our money in the towns we’re in, BUT I would have been better off to drive to Spearfish to Wal-Mart. It was $47 for a PEDICURE…I could have had both there for $55…

I went to the grocery store here in Sturgis too – besides not being able to find part of the stuff I wanted, I think I over paid by at least 20%. Ggggrrrr! I think I’ll be driving to Spearfish (15 miles away) to do any more major shopping!

Meanwhile back at the RV, David dumped tanks and put up the hose. We’ll have full hook ups at National – yaaay!

At around 5:30 we drove over to Elk View Campground where part of the Jackalopes (our home club from Red Dale National Wagon Train) pulled in today. We got great hugs and lots of ‘catch up’ from Pam and Gary Wisecup, Joyce and Bob Parker, Shirley Marsh, a wave to Ken and Brenda Badgley, and a quick ‘Hi’ to Joe Dereemer. What a great group!

Here are some pictures of some beautiful flowers we’ve seen lately!

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