Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hondo to Marfa, TX Nov 15 to 17

Nov 15th

We left Hondo, TX Lone Star Corral about 10 am – and drove 134 miles to Seminole Canyon State Park. We were tired when we got there (first day is always pretty tiring!), but it is a very pretty park. We had good 30 amp service and water. We finished up leftovers for dinner J

Nov 16th

We got up and the plan was to keep moving, however David said he liked it there so much he wanted to stay another night. I did not want to unhook the car but the walk to the Ranger Station/visitor center was over a mile, and I sure didn’t want to do that either (I know I know, it would have done me good.). So, I took my chair and sat outside (it was chilly at 60 degrees) and flagged down a ranger when he came by. He immediately volunteered to take me up to the station and let me pay for another night. Since we have the Texas State Parks Pass it was $20 per night – no daily entrance fee :)

When I got back I made lunch, ham and bean soup that was so good! I defrosted it from the freezer and it sure hit the spot! We had good wifi in the park, so we spent most of the afternoon just dinking around on the net, and watching people pull in. I think everyone was hoping to see the Leonid Meteor shower, however it was far too cloudy…

We had a huge pizza craving, and it is pretty much out the window except on very special occasions because it is too high in carbs. However, I had saved a recipe about a month ago for a cauliflower crust pizza, I dug it out – had all the ingredients on hand and so we had pizza. SO yummy!

The reason David wanted to stay was for the sunset…and as you can see it was truly spectacular!


Nov 17th

We got up this morning, had a couple fried egg sandwiches, and hit the road. 200 miles later we arrived at Marfa, TX, home of the mystery lights! Do a search on Marfa Mystery lights and you can read all about them!

On our way we stopped in Alpine for a couple groceries and dinner is planned – Baby back BBQ ribs, baked potato and a big salad…maybe some veggies too!

Tomorrow we will travel until we’re tired (usually about noon the wind starts howling out here,) so when that happens we try to get off the road as soon as we find a campground!

Tumble In RV Park Marfa TX (1)Tumble In RV Park Marfa TX (2)Tumble In RV Park Marfa TX (3)Tumble In RV Park Marfa TX (4)Tumble In RV Park Marfa TX (5)

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