Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 31, 2016

Catching up again…

So, last time I blogged, we were gate guarding for Riata Oilfield Services in Cotulla, TX.  Second week in July we got the news that the gate closed, and we had 5 hours to get off the pad.  We made it in 4.  Off to Hondo we went, where we cleaned the rig, unpacked the bays, set up our bbq pit…and bought a new to us car!  It’s a 2015 Equinox, which can be owed 4 wheels down behind he MH.

Two weeks later I got a call from Guard 1 Services, asking if I wanted to work a guard shack outside of Cotulla, but no MH pad, which meant we had to find and pay oilfield prices for an RV spot.  We did, stayed at JD’s Nueces River RV park, to the tune of $550 a month…for Aug and Sept.  They shut that gate Sept 24th so Oct 3rd we were back in Hondo. 

Our friends, Lynn and Joyce Marlatt from Riverton came to Hondo for the winter, so we started the usual winter activities.  Eating, happy hours, Dr appts, etc. 

Right before Thanksgiving I got a call from Guard 1, asking me to work a shack in the Whitsett area.  I said OK and off I went, 4 days on, 4 days off, 12 hour days…but, Cinder wasn’t doing very well when we were in Cotulla, so I left David and her at the park in Hondo and drove back and forth every 5 days.  That worked out OK until Feb when we decided to take the MH down because I was spending a fortune on room rentals. 

So, off we went, and spent a week at Choke Canyon state park, which is really a great park!  However, the day after I got the call that the gate closed…so back to Hondo we went. 

That was in mid-February, and we stayed in Hondo, until April 1st.  That’s when we hit the road and  I decided to start blogging again.

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