Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28th - Dawn's on her way to PA

Today is a bag of mixed emotions for me. My daughter from Japan has been in the states for a couple weeks, and today leaves the Alabama area and is flying in to see my parents for 3 days. They are 80 and 81, and July 30th is their 60th Wedding Anniversary. I would so love to be there also, to see them and spend some time with Dawn, but it is not to be. I did have a Happy 60th Anniversary ad placed in their local paper, the Somerset Daily American, so I'm hoping they enjoy that.

We have enjoyed having her in the states so we were able to just pick up the phone and call her! Japan is 18 hours time difference, and that takes some getting used to!

I woke up ill this morning at 2 am, some type of stomach bug. I called off work (2nd time in 5 years) so that was a big deal. About lunch time I started feeling better, so we took the MH to the visitor's center and dumped, then gassed up and had a bite of lunch at Flying J. There was no 'regular' gas, only premium, so that cost us an extra $15.00, and lunch was...let's just say that it will be awhile before we visit again!

One of the things we did to get ready to go full time is that we removed our couch that pulled out into a full sized bed. It never got used for anything except a place to throw coats, bags, etc. We have replaced it with a desk that we love. Everyone needs a desk (because in this day and age you must have proof of everything!) and we freed up lots of space for other things!

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