Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29th

Not a lot to report today - work for me and David has spent the day cleaning carpets, scheduling appointments, etc. so pretty normal.

We're headed to the local 'Moose' club tonight for dinner - we have made some great friends there and the price is always right - the two of us eat for less than $10!

Our house is still on the market, so if you know of anyone looking for a house in Cheyenne, WY, send me a comment, I'd love to show them mine :) I'm not as familiar with blogs as I should be, can I put a website on it??? I'm going to try... put in 175,000 to 185,000 and look at 1014 W 27th St. That's my home, and we have just finished restoring much of it - take the virtual tour...

All for now - see you in the funny papers!

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