Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4, 2010

Wow, it's been almost a month since I posted - shame on me!  Just to bring you up to date...

We had a big water project that needed done, so we rented a backhoe, bought many feet of pipe, replaced valves, hoses, etc., and people now have lots of water pressure in the East side of the park...yaaay!

We have a new Manager's Assistant that started 3 weeks ago, his name is Brian and he is a good worker and a very nice man.  He is interested in all sports (at least it seems that way) and rides his bike 15 - 20 miles at a time.  I have no desire to ride a bike that far :) 

David and I have done several things that merit a mention:

  • Attended a Missions baseball game - they are the AAA team for the Dodgers I think - it was dollar night so lots of people and $beer, soda, hot dogs, popcorn - a great inexpensive evening!
  • Had a terrific Memorial day picnic with about 40 of our friends here in the park.
  • Attended Funtier Day in Bandera - what a hoot!  Took the scenic route home and ended up in Sabinal
  • Every Friday afternoon either root beer floats, sundae's or banana!
  • Every Tuesday night - Pizza Hut with the gang
  • FRESH corn on the cob...omg, so good!  The farmer's here are picking their first crop...yum!
There are pictures at of the memorial day picnic, and the park where we are.  Have a wonderful day! 

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