Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010 Hondo TX

Once again it is over a month since I blogged!  For some reason it is awfully hard to blog when we are sitting still - we are doing fun and exciting stuff, new experiences and new friends...but it doesn't seem like I have anything to write about...and that is just plain silly!

We've had several trips to Kerrville to the VA for David - things being poked and prodded, stuck down and up, and the prognosis right now is favorable :)  He does still have COPD, but here, at this altitude, he is doing well.  Of course the hot and humid temps aren't helping, but still, he is functioning without the oxygen tank except at night. 

We took the MH two of the times we went to Kerrville, once we camped at the Kerrville Scheiner park, and it was very nice, $27 per night, full hookups, no wifi, no cable...second time we stayed at Riverside RV park in Bandera - NICE.  $20 per night, full hookups, cable and free wifi, also right along the Medina river with miles of trails to walk...Cinder and I took full advantage in the early mornings and late evenings! 

We continue to love being here at the park - I'm enjoying being able to do some mowing/weedeating as well as the office work (in the summer I can put up a sign, and leave a radio...anyone needs me they just call).  Last week and this week we concentrated on working in the clubhouse - we took all the 'stuff' off the laundry room walls, spackled, painted, added corkboards and new signs, wiped down all equipment, and just generally spiffed it up!

Today, we did a long hall-way the same way - and it looks pretty sharp too!  Next week we will work in the main room of the clubhouse, followed by the library, then, hopefully by mid-August we will be working in the office.  It has been more than 10 years since it was painted, so it is way past time!

Our trees and flowers here are absolutely gorgeous, and I'll leave you with some pictures of them. 

Thanks for having patience with me as I try to update the blog.

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  1. I am so glad to see my friend blogging again.

    Look that David is doing well. Keep him that way girl.