Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 13, 2012 Week in review

We had a great dinner and fun super bowl – and we were snuggled back in our condo on wheels by 9pm, and asleep before 10! 
Monday morning we slept in – and then we got ready and went to a little hole in the wall place called ‘Gonzales’ burgers – where the burgers were so huge we shared them and it was plenty to eat!  They must be ½ pounders!  Of course, we also got onion rings and fries!  You would never guess it is a restaurant – there are NO signs, and they do NO advertising – they open at 10:30 for orders and that place was packed by 11:30…people were standing waiting on orders and places to sit!!!  This is a definite do-over. 

When we left there we went to Target, where I found my black and red rugs for the motorhome without rubber backing!  Woohoo!  It doesn’t take much to excite me :)
We then went to the movies and saw Red Tails – I highly recommend it if you like movies about war.  We certainly had tears in our eyes a time or two!  Of course we stopped at DQ and his ice cream for dinner…

Tuesday we had a plan and we pretty much stuck to it!  We went to the little bakery/restaurant I discovered and had a fantastic breakfast, Ron and Kathy also decided it was a keeper.  The plan was to catch a boat tour of the Rio Grande river, and we had reservations for noon.  While having breakfast, they called and said the boat was full, would we come at 2…so we went home a while, then off to the river tour. Remember, click on the pics to make them larger :)

It was $18 for two of us, and well worth the money.  We glided down the middle and got pics of both the Mexican and American side of the river.  The guide said that occasionally they got stopped and everyone had to produce their picture ID’s, but that did not happen to us!  He was very informative and there are a lot of disaster pictures that we took – a hurricane came through in 2007 (Alexander) and changed the course of the river somewhat, and took out a restaurant/giftshop/boat tour place, and much of a park that had just been completed.  Also a big Mexican park that was very well attended was actually cut in half by the river.  I’ll post some pics here but they in no way do justice to what we saw!

After the boat tour we had decided we wanted to do a Mongolian Grill, as Ron and Kathy had never been to one, and we had seen one on our travels up and down Hwy 83 Expressway.  So off we went, and when we got there they were not open, only doing ‘training’ – so we followed David’s camera and went off to another one – and it was closed too!  We ended up eating at a Texas Roadhouse, and it was very good – also we had enough for another entire meal with the addition of a salad later.
All good things must come to an end and on Wednesday we got up to rain rain rain – but because we HAD to be in San Antonio on Thursday we hooked up and pulled out of Mission TX, heading for Hondo.  Our gps sent us up 281 and then onto Hwy 16…what a mistake!  It did save about 23 miles, but the road is terrible – there is a lot of fracking going on along there, with big trucks which made the road totally washboard – and when we were almost to Jourdanton, the windshield started whistling – and it got louder and louder.  So we are going to have to call the insurance company and have it fixed before we start out trip mid-March!

We got back to LSC about 3:30, went to Social hour at 4, and attended a potato bake and brown bag auction – it was great fun but I forgot the camera!
Thursday we went to San Antonio for the appointment for David’s ears – there were no surgeons available, so we go back on the 27th.  We DID go to a Mongolian BBQ for an early dinner and it was fantastic – it was HuHot and we will go there again!

Friday we just stayed home and tried to get some paperwork done – Saturday we were supposed to go to the Winter Texan lunch in Uvalde, we drove over there and could not find the place…we had lunch and shopped at Wal-Mart and came home – Sunday we got up to freezing temps, and David has some kind of stomach bug, lots of pain and gas, so we did nothing and it was a good day to do that! 

That brings us up to date once again!


  1. Hello Peggy Kay, I have been trying to make contact with you. I am a Friedline researcher from Somerset County and a descendant of Ludwig Friedline who came to America in 1751 and is buried on the Tom Barron farm between Somerset and Edie. A fellow researcher sent me your father's obit but I could not find him in my research. If he was born in Lavansville, there must a connection to my clan. Do you know your Great grandfather's name and any thing about the Friedlines of Somerset Co? I would appreciate a call or Email. Thank you. You sure make RV traveling sound like fun. Karl Friedline,
    La Crosse Wisconsin (698 788 3624)
    I am very willing to share what I have found.

    1. Yes, my father was born in Lavansville. As you know, I'm currently in TX but will be back in PA by June 1. Please send me an email at cookone01@gmail. com and I will let you know what I have. My daughter did a geneaology search several years ago and I have all that info in PA. I can't email you or call you because you didn't include the address or phone #.

  2. Peggy,

    Don't forget, when you get back to PA I am very interested in the name of your Great Grandfather or anything about your ancestors. I have been working on the Friedline clan for over 18 years and wanting to connect you to Ludwig.

    Thank you,

    Karl Friedline 608 788 3624, karlfried@charter.net
    La Crosse Wisconsin