Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012 LSC

Once again I find myself playing catch up…it is very hard to keep a blog interesting when we are in one place and not traveling.  Here are some highlights of the past month:

·       Had a fantastic lunch with Shaun & Cindy Love and her parents.  Shaun and Cindy are friends from Cheyenne, WY and they came for a surprise visit to her parents who live in Jourdanton, TX.  We met the at Rocky’s Grill in Devine, and besides the ever wonderful food, we spent 2 hours catching up!

·       We spent many hours at the VA in Kerrville and San Antonio.  The result is that David’s ears now have tubes in them so he can hear, he is now officially a diabetic, and is on Glipizade pills.  They started him on Metformin and he is allergic L  However the good news is that we have been watching his diet (and he is so grumpy about it!) and I think we have a handle on the sugar.  He has to have an A1C test June 1st in PA, and that will determine if he needs to go on insulin immediately or if we can control this with the pills and diet.  At least twice a week we were going to one facility or the other, and usually spending the entire day there!

·       We’ve had may wonderful lunches and dinners, in D’Hanis, Hondo and San Antonio.

·       There has been some patch up work done on the motorhome – We had the drivers window and the passenger windows taken out, scraped, caulked and reset.  We had Total RV Repair in Elkhart Indiana do it last year in July, and we really should have saved our money – they did a lousy job, and as a result we have water damage underneath the windows that we repaired as best we could – thanks to Matthews RV Repair here in the park!  They did a great job.  They also fixed our awning so it would roll back, and fixed the antenna so it didn’t leak around it.

·       We took the MH to Pipe Creek to Class A RV Repair and had them look at our windshield – turns out the gasket is dry rotted and has to be replaced.  Of course insurance will not pay to have this done.  A WORD TO ANYONE GETTING A WINDSHIELD REPLACED – Insist on a new gasket!!!  We had our windshields replaced 3 years ago in Cheyenne, and did not know that we should insist on that – as a result we will now have to eat the cost of getting new gaskets and the windshields’ removed and reset.  Ggggrrr!

·       I’ve worked in the Membership office about 1 day each week – learning new stuff, keeping the brain busy :)

·       Managed to get all Mom & Dad’s Estate taxes to the lady at H&R Block who has always done their taxes…waiting on her OK to send the IRS a BIG check.

·       Got all our tax stuff to our fantastic accountant and BFF in Lander WY…and we’re planning a get together with her in PA probably in June…maybe July – can’t wait to see her! 

·       Cleaned out bays and put items in our shed here in Hondo that we don’t need to carry with us – lighten the load!  Gave bags and bags of stuff to the Airman’s Attic, from clothing to a portable DVD player.

·       Filled all the batteries, checked the oil, filled the windshield reservoir, got the car inspected.

·       We will leave here on Wed morning, taking the MH up to Class A for final windshield repairs, we’ll drive into San Antonio from there for a last follow-up for David’s ears. 

·       We were planning on heading to Galveston for a week, however, with Spring Break in full swing, we’ve decided we will go to Livingston, TX which is the Corporate Headquarters of Escapee’s RV Club.  We will make sure we get our voter registration done, tour the CARE facility, and tour the mail service facility.  We’ve wanted to do that for a couple years, however something always comes up!

·       Update on Abigail – she has had several chemo treatments and has been doing well.  Last week she did get ill afterwards, so please keep the prayers going.  She will be getting a CT scan next week – please pray that the nodules on her lungs are GONE!

Yesterday it was a year that my mother died.  I was rather emotional all day.  I know she is in a better place, but boy, do I miss her. 

That’s all that we’ve been doing – and as soon as we get on the road I’ll be updating more frequently.

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  1. Nice picture of your mom and other family. Looking forward to having lunch tomorrow at Napoli's - who knows maybe a picture will show up on either my or your blog in the near future.