Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21, 2012 Livingston TX

What have we been doing?  Well let's see, we arrived on Thursday, March 15th at the Escapee's Corporate Headquarters in Livingston TX.  What a great welcome and wonderful place!  David says it is totally different from what he expected, but as you can see from his smile, he likes it!
We attended Livingston Trade Days, which is about 10 acres of vendors - very neat!

Here is the POOL that they have here...boy, this would be wonderful in Hondo!!!  They have exercise and water I'd teach that if we had one :)

They have social hour EVERY DAY at 4:00...and on Sunday when they don't have Social hour they have ice cream social and talk before you get your ice cream!  The social hour is always run by a park member, no manager...they do announcements, tell jokes, welcome new guests, say goodbye to people that are leaving, birthdays and anniversaries, and just generally shoot the bull for about a half hour - then folks sit around and chat after that...they don't seem to 'rush out' :) 

For St Patricks Day I cooked a corn beef, cabbage & potatoes, and it was excellent even though I couldn't find any soda bread! 

We visited with friends Barbara and Larry Hill - Barbara is at the CARE center allowing Larry to have some respite time.  We will see Larry again tomorrow.  We did get a tour of CARE and it is amazing how they manage to operate with such a limited budget.  Yet one more reason to be an Escapee! 

We toured Lake Livingston and it was nice - we met some terrific people, and are enjoying the area.  We've had dinner at Catfish King, a lunch at Jack in the Box, and lunch at Big Burrito where they served far too much was all very good!
We had a terrific Taco Salad lunch at the clubhouse for $4 per person, large taco salad, choice of brownie or pineapple upside down cake or sugar free banana pudding, and a drink...yum!  We were very full!

Today we drove 70 miles to Nacodoches, TX, primarily to tour the Foretravel RV Factory...let's just say the tour in NO way compared to the tour we got at the Newmar factory in Elkhart, IN.  After the tour we visited with Extreme Paint & Graphics and saw some of their terrific work!  Wow, those folks are good!  Then we went to a place called Auntie Pastas...that I had researched on the web...our gps took us out to a field in the middle of nowhere, but when we finally got back into a place where we had reception, David looked it up on his Droid and we were there in no time.  It is a renovated warehouse alongside the rail road tracks, and the food was excellent, and big enough lunch portions to bring home for lunch tomorrow!  Yippee, two for 1, I like that! 

Tomorrow the park here is having sale days, and there are about 20 tables set up in the Activity Center, and people will be having sales at their lots (they provide a map) so we're going to be yard saling...but, remember, if we bring something new into the MH, something has to go out...sure saves money, since we like everything we have!

I'm going to attempt to add some pictures, but if the connection is too slow, I'll try to add them later!

David - love of my life, thanks for helping me make some wonderful memories :) 

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  1. We always liked the format of the social hour at Livingston. Funny but each park seems to have their own idea of social hour. We really liked it at Raccoon Valley. Not so much at Benson (only went twice) or Rainbow Plantation. At Rainbow it was the same old, same old announcements and then we were "dismissed".

    BTW, about your comment about the sign I made - I had two coats of poly on it. I was afraid it would yellow it, but glad to see it didn't.

    Have a great time at the PA rally.