Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24 - Livingston new friends - Rayne rally

Our time at Rainbow’s End in Livingston came to a close, but before it ended we had a wonderful time, and met a couple who we consider ‘forever’ friends!  They are Dean and Diane Tobias, of Michigan! 
On Thursday evening we visited with them in their Artic Fox, and then went to dinner at Shrimp Boat Manny’s…WOW, what delicious food!  I had never tried Etouffee, but was determined so that is what I ordered, pirogue with crawfish Etouffee…which came with veggies, some fried shrimp and hushpuppies….oh man, now that was some good eating!  David had ‘steak bites’ (dull, boring but what he wanted), Diane had the shrimp trio that she loved, and Dean had the shrimp Etouffee over rice.  Everyone loved their meals and we also had fair samplings of each other’s too!  Here are some pictures of our dinners  

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of Dean and Diane…but I will the next time our paths cross! 

Also on Thursday the park had their yard sale…it was a fun event and I bought a necklace and earrings that an artiste made from crinkle glass…it is gorgeous.  I’m sure you will see it in future pictures!  I also got the laundry all caught up which is very important prior to a Rally :)

We left Livingston on Friday morning fully intending to stop at Sulphur, LA but it was only 11 am, David said let’s keep going, and we came the whole way to Rayne.  When we got here there were people here already, although ‘early bird’ registration is today, and we got a very nice spot with a tree, just steps away from the exhibit hall.  We have full electric and water, but no dump station, so I will be taking my showers in the ‘hall’ – a small price to pay so that David only has a little ways to get into the exhibit hall. 

We drove around and looked at the town (very small, not even a Wally world, had dinner at Gabes Cajun and were not impressed.  It did not even rate a picture.  I once again had Etouffee, but this was RED, not the rich dark brown I had previously.  I will now always ask, because the red was much too spicy for me!  David had the shrimp boat and it was good…I ate some of his and he had a couple bites of mine! 

We came back to the cg and played with Cinder off leash for a while – she chased her ball and got a pretty good workout!  We sat outside in balmy 75 degree temps until the bugs drove us inside.  We ran the AC most of the night because the humidity is very high – I get too hot and David has trouble breathing in high humidity…good thing we have full electric!

This morning I headed to the shower house – feels funny to do that, but I took along a razor and had a nice leisurely shower.  That was the first ‘long’ shower I’ve had since I left PA…and it was wonderful…but not as comfortable as the shower in the motorhome. 

I made a terrific breakfast of steel cut oatmeal with dried cherries and whole grain toast…carb overload but good carbs!  David loves oatmeal, but since he is watching carbs I have to be stingy with it! 

We’re off to find a Wal-Mart, we have a list and the top of mine is a couple bottles of wine…after all, why waste all these balmy evenings on bottled water…

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