Monday, April 2, 2012

March 28, 2012 PA Rally

The Passport America Rally was wonderful!  We did get a SMI brake system installed in the car to help stop the motorhome – since we have offloaded so much ‘stuff’ in Hondo, David could really feel the car pushing down hills, and there are some states where it is illegal to tow without brake assist on the towed vehicle, so we bit the bullet and got one.  Great people to work with, it took him about 4 hours to install, and there is NOTHING to put in the car when we hook up.  We simply click the latch with our other cables, turn on two switches inside the car, and done.  It works on infrared and speed, it sees the brake lights go on, feels the coach slow and applies brakes on the car with a vacuum something!  I will tell you it works magnificently!

We had some great entertainment at the rally – two nights of bands that were very good, playing Cajun as well as some country and some oldies.  Here are a couple pics of them.  There was a gentleman that was 87 years old and his bride of two years that really made us laugh.  They danced almost every dance, and he played the ‘washboard’…how great! 

We met some wonderful people, two couples in particular, Jim and Sandy from Gulf Shores, FL, and Don and Lou from Lousiana…Above is Pete and the decorations - the baloons look like frogs!  Here is Jim and Sandy!  We had a great time with them, and I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d like, but these will have to do!

They also provided some excellent food – one night was jambalaya, wow it was good!  Then on Wed night it was herb chicken and pulled pork, Cole slaw, beans, rolls and dessert…and every morning was either beignets or donughts, juice & coffee, I only indulged 1 morning since David could not! 

The rally ended on Thursday night with a wonderful pot luck and more visiting.  Friday morning we watched as over 150 rigs went out of the grounds.  We had paid for two extra nights, because there were things we wanted to do, and the Rayne City campground is excellent! 

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