Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012 Tupelo to Nashville

Well, Tupelo was a disappointment to both of us.  We went to Elvis' birthplace and museum, looked at the gift shop where his CD's that I can buy for $10 at Wal-Mart were $18.99 there...t-shirts were $22.95, there was NO music playing - why would you have an Elvis museum and not have music through the place???  Then, when we looked in the museum what we saw was a bunch of posters, and not much else.  They wanted $12 each to tour the museum, the church and the shotgun house he lived in...we elected to not pay the money and just walk around and look at the outside of things.  Once again, disappointed - I guess I've heard so much about 'graceland' that I was expecting more - David has been to Graceland, and he was also pretty disappointed.  Here are a couple pics we took while there.
Shotgun house where Elvis was born.

David & a 'teen' Elvis

Fountain of Life

Tupelo did have an excellent Veterans Memorial park.

We drove up to Bryce Crossing Battle site.  Once again, nothing but praise for NPS - they've done a marvelous job with the museum, movie and battle site.

Got up and left on Thursday and drove up the Trace to Merriwether Lewis Camp, where once again we were blown away by a National Park Campground.  Very very nice, pull through sites as well as back ins, reasonably level - and FREE! 

This morning we got up and headed back up the Trace to Nashville.  We are now sitting in the parking lot of the Moose Club, with electric and water, and we fell into a wonderful steak dinner...wonderful steak!  We tried to get a tour bus to tour Nashville for tomorrow or Sunday, they are all fully booked (note to readers, if you want to tour Nashville on a bus without having to drive, book well in advance).  So, we'll see what is going on tomorrow... :)


  1. I find so often these type of places are well overpriced. Sounds like you found a reasonable cost to the National Park CG though.

  2. Oh yeah, and it was wonderful! So much beauty, just took my breath away! Wish it would have been about 10 degrees warmer, in that forest it got down to 45 at night...brrr!

    Prayers that you and Len are missing out on that bad bad weather in OK...