Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012 Lexington TX

After several fantastic dinners and bbq's with several sets of friends, Napoli's with Ron & Ali, Walker and Evelyn, Margie & Edmund, then a dinner hosted by Carol and Jerry, in honor of his sister Jackie, Babe & Andy, Faye & Dutch, Rusty & Alice, then a BBQ at Chuck & Rose's, with Babe & Andy, Carolyn & Bob, Max, George & Joan, Hank & Euona, Marty & Tim,Ruth & Don, then a final dinner with Bob & Jan, we hit the road! 

Our first night was spent at Class A RV repairs as they were resetting our windshields - and once they were in we were not to drive for a couple hours, so we spent the night in their parking lot.  We got up this morning and headed North east, avoiding Houston and Austin! 

We arrived at Lexington TX at Sonny's RV park, a simply lovely little park with full hookups for $20 per night.  During our trip we ran into a little rain, and when we turned on the wipers, BANG, the passenger wiper went flying off...sigh, just another adventure in the life of full time RVer's!  So after we arrived we went looking for windshield wipers - yep, had to get two of them because trying to take off the driver side one, David broke, $38.00 later we got two new wipers, and we managed (David did, I just stood around and played gofer - gofer other glasses, gofer the step stool, gofer the screwdriver), and then I made us a fantastic dinner of spinach, strawberries, red onion, slivered almonds and chicken for me, steak for him, with raspberry vinagrette dressing - it was SO scrumptious! 

Stay tuned, we're planning on more adventures this coming week!

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  1. Okay - we are outside Austin. Wondering if your travels took you along this route! Gosh girl, that salad does look good. Safe travels and we WILL catch up again sometime.