Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 2 & 3 Lakewood, NM and Albuquerque, NM

Day 2

Fort Stockton, TX to Lakewood, NM

We arrived at 'The Ranch' a wonderful Escapees park about 11 am, because we left at 8 am before the wind kicked up too bad! 

We had stopped at some little pull out in the road and I made breakfast - eggs, bacon, toast, juice - I love cooking along the road :)

We had a great social hour with those nice folks, and cheese, summer sausage and crackers for dinner! 

Day 3
We made it from ‘The Ranch’ in Lakewood, NM to Albuquerque, NM about 2:30 today.  We checked in at the Moose Club on Skyline Drive with 20 amp service, and the price is right “Free”!  We chatted with the good folks there for a bit, then we took off to Octopussy Car Wash, where they completely cleaned our very dirty buggy!  It really needed a good cleaning, especially an underbody wash since we were in the salt in VA & PA and we wanted to get that done! 
Loved driving around ABQ a bit – we’ve spent quite a bit of time in this city since the kids were stationed here, so we drove around and checked out some of our favs…
We stopped at a Smith’s grocery store and I found a great bargain on fresh strawberries, so I got enough produce for some wonderful salads for dinner – I had some leftover steak that I used, as well as some peas, cukes, tomatoes, red onions and raspberry balsamic vinaigrette to top it off.  YUM!
Took Cinder for a nice walk and we’re now buttoned up for the night!  Oh yeah, I packed our bag for our trip to Denver tomorrow too! 

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  1. Is it EVER not windy it that area? Yup, our favorite cost for a place to park too - FREE!