Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24, 2013–Time to get out of D’Hanis


Well here it is the end of March already, and we have had a great winter season here at LSC in D’Hanis, TX.  We’ve done much but mostly the same things as last year.  One notable exception, we went to Washington DC to attend our daughter, Dawn’s Retirement after 21 years in the military.  We also helped them move into a new house, and visited with many friends – some old and some new!  It was marvelous getting re-acquainted with the Ashworths, the Lepleys, Yolanda and many more friends that we have met through the years with Dawn & Daryl.  Of course we spent some wonderful quality time with the grandkids too! 

Here are some pictures that don’t do justice to the entire event!

After the retirement ceremony they chartered a night time trolley tour of the Washington memorials and monuments – wow, what a difference from daylight!  Our trolley driver was ZUMA and he was a hoot.  Here are some pictures of that!

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