Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dec 17 through Dec 31st–Yuma Arizona

Once again, I’m playing catch up!  This time I ‘might’ have a good reason :)

We had been looking at motorhomes since Dec 2nd – when we pulled into Yuma, David put the dolphin in park and the gear shift fell off.  We had over 112,000 miles on it.  Because we couldn’t find one, we had to get one made in TN and shipped to us.  Cost – over $1,000 which gave us even more incentive to find something that we could live with and not break the bank.


Just to clarify, the Dolphin was 37 foot with a big slide, pantry and underbed storage. 

We bought a 34 foot Beaver Monterey with NO slide, and it is a diesel pusher so NO under bed storage.  For a couple days we looked like carpet baggers, but after some donations to a local church (tablecloths, towels, some kitchen equipment) we did get a few more bins, but got everything packed in the bays that wouldn’t go inside.  Surprisingly enough, most everything fits!  Now that we’ve been in it about 10 days, we really love it!  Here are some pictures ;) 


Can’t find the ‘outside’ pictures but here it is!


Christmas Eve David got up with sore throat, and I knew he was coming down with the crud.  We attended a party where 4 people made big Nesco Roasters with soups – chicken noodle (homemade noodles, yum), clam chowder, chili and potato…and we all took a side dish or dessert to share.  I took a loaf of date and nut cake.  We were home by 6 pm, where we had a nice warming toddy and were in bed early.


Christmas morning found David pretty ill, so instead of going out to Golden Corral with friends, I put a big ham steak on the grill, made some candied sweet potatoes and peas – that was dinner…and it was delicious.  I had saved our ‘Christmas Box’ that came in the mail from daughter Dawn, Daryl, Devon, Branden and Ariel.  I opened it and there was the Dyson Animal vacumn – YIPPEE, I was so excited.  I really wanted that!  We also received a White house Christmas ornament, and 4 gift cards for Olive Garden.  This was the BEST gift, thank you all so very much! 


Dec 26 through 31st, we put stuff in cupboards, rearranged, and did it again.  Between doing that, we visited with Walker and Evelyn Lane, and just enjoyed the warmth.  We did get to Algodones and got some drugs…yippee, good for another year! 


Dec 28th thanks to Walker and Evelyn, we had a ‘traditional’ Christmas dinner, with ham, deep fried turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, baked beans, cloud 9, rolls, pumpkin and apple pie.  Also attending was Gertrude & Lynn, Cindy and her hubby, and Gary.  

New Years Eve we went to Texas Roadhouse for a nice dinner and were home and in bed by 10.  January 1 we pulled out of Yuma and drove 178 miles to Casa Grande.  We visited with Cheyenne friends, Bob & Joyce Parker and Shirley Marsh.  We missed Georgia and Roger Shepherd, they were in Pasadena at the Rose Parade. 


Today, Jan 2, we drove up to Maricopa and spent about 5 hours visiting with Ray and Sandy Abe at their house, and we went to the AK-Chin Casino for a wonderful buffet.  We had such a great time and look forward to visiting them again this summer in Pennsylvania.  That brings us up to date…tomorrow we’ll head out and stop in Benson for 1 night. 

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