Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb 10, 2014 Gate Guarding

We were up this morning at 6 am, having packed everything and ready to hit the road to our first gate guarding experience.  We knew we were about 14 miles outside of Cotulla, TX, and had about 90 miles to drive.  Of course, the weather was yucky – misty rain and cold…ggggrrrr!


We discovered on the way down that there is a big HEB in Pearsall, so that is where we will be doing our ‘big’ grocery shopping.  That’s about 20 –25 miles away.  When we came through Cotulla, we spied a LOWES market, as well as a Dollar General store.  I ‘think’ I have packed pretty good with food, I kind of expect our major issue is going to be water…I can see purchasing some more jugs will be in our future!  We use at least 1.5 gallons a day, just in drinking water and coffee – and I brought 2 cases of bottled water and 6 gallons for cooking with. 


The first thing we noticed is that should we get some steady rain, we will be stuck out here – there will be no way to get out our road, it will be flooded – and we also noticed the caliche that piled up on our shoes INSTANTLY!  We will definitely be getting some pallets (I hope) and some cheap throw rugs to put outside!  The weather is supposed to be nasty until Thursday – when I will probably head into town to investigate, send some mail out, and a few necessities. 


The outgoing GG said that they had been here since June, and since it is a gate that the wells are producing already, not a lot of traffic.  She said watch out for wildlife, that they have seen some cheetah’s that apparently got out from one of the exotic ranches in the area – as well as a lot of coyotes…so we’ll be keeping a close eye on Cinder! 


Our Company Man, Roger came at the appointed time, hooked us all up to everything, (generator, water, sewer), and they showed us how to work the I-pad – basically it is take a picture, get a name, verify where they are going, submit to the office – very nice set up.  My handwriting is pretty bad, but I can type like a crazy person!  He also gave us a Wilson Antenna Booster, and so we have good phone service even with our Verizon.  However, we have had zero luck setting up our ‘dongle’ for internet Sad smile 


We checked in a truck – and all worked just like it was supposed to Smile 

I fixed us ham and cheese sandwiches, veggies with dip and chips for lunch – and I’m making swiss steak over noodles and carrots for dinner, with home made bread.  The motorhome smells SO good!  

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  1. I only wish all I got on my shoes was some mud! The people before us at this gate had two small dogs. Enough said! As the tennis shoes were old and the stuff was caked into it's soles and up the sides, they went in the trash.

    Good luck on the job there.