Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January 1, 2014 through Feb 9, 2014

Our trip from Yuma back to Hondo, TX went very well – we did have a couple issues, one being that we couldn’t find the inverter to reset some fuses so we didn’t have electric in half the coach – so a trip to Camping World in El Paso and $500 later we were good to go.  The highlight of our trip back was probably the meal we ate at Chuy’s in Van Horn.  OMG, best Mexican food in a long time!


When we arrived back at LSC there was the usual ‘out to eats’ at Buckhorn Saloon (Tuesday evenings), Bill & Rosa’s for country fried steak, Jade Buffet for Chinese, Hu Hot for Mongolian grill, and lots of good times with the folks at Lone Star Corral.  A special shout out to our friends Bob and Jan Wheaton and Gene and Linda Moreau, Edmund & Margie Strickler, Gene & Patti Hunter…we’ll miss y’all!


We went to Boerne, TX mid January and took our test for our Texas State Security Officer (gate guard).  Then we were sent to a place in San Antonio where we peed in a cup, then got our fingerprints done in Hondo.  Then we started waiting for a gate.  We did all the above with Timekeepers Inc – but after having heard nothing from them for a couple weeks, called Guard 1 Services out of Houston – they were extremely nice and easy to work with. 

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  1. Will be interested to see your reports on gate guarding.