Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22

Just wanted to check in after another wonderful day in paradise :)  We had a leisurely morning, starting off the day by catching up on emails, and doing a little personal work on the computers. 

Then I used Skype to finally talk to a groomer for Cinder that I actually liked over the phone!  This is a relief, since I've talked to at least 5 different ones, and either they were too expensive or they treated me like 'trailer trash'...which I am most asuredly NOT!  At any rate, she has an appt on April 14th...yaaayyy! 

Then we decided that we'd better go find the place so we'll know where it is, since we were thinking about it!!!  We drove towards Castroville and found ourselves at the Dunlay Seafood Cafe, where David had a great burger and homemade fries, I had wonderful fried fish, and we split a piece of homemade buttermilk pie...oh my, heaven on a plate :)

We came home and relaxed until 'Social hour' and Monday munchies where we enjoyed ourselves - we came home and had dinner - a little late for St Patrick's Day but we had corned beef, cabbage, potatos and carrots...yum!

I took Cinder for a walk and now we are just relaxing - tomorrow we start 7 days in a row - so you probably won't see me for a while!

I'll leave you with a couple pictures :)


  1. Have a good week!

    Lovely photos today, thanks for sharing them.

  2. My daughter likes to tell people she is really blessed. Mom lives in a trailer and Dad is in prison. (He worked in one!).

    Seven workdays in a row! Don't know if I could do it.