Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 3 through March 21 D'Hanis TX

I have been rather unfaithful at this blog ever since we came to D'Hanis...or Hondo (mailing address is Hondo...but we are only 1.5 miles to D'Hanis - and 8 miles to Hondo...go figure :)

We've been busy busy busy - David is learning all about the Texas grasses, water and maintenance issues involved in the park. 

I've been learning all about quickbooks and the million and one things you need to keep track of to keep a 130 site RV Co-op park running.  Whew, it's a lot of completely different things, but I love learning new things, and this is so much fun!  The people are what make it so very fun and interesting! 

On Thursday mornings (when we have off), we go with a group of Escapee's to Bill and Rosa's Saloon - for breakfast!  What a blast - here are a few pics you can see we have a good time - the gals sit at one table and the guys sit at another...the waitress if phenomenal - she remembers which couple goes on one ticket!!!  There are usually 10 - 15 at each table...much fun!

On Tuesday evenings whomever wants to shows up at the Pizza Hut, where they offer an SKP special - buffet and salad bar PLUS drink for $6.00...can't beat that! 

Some wonderful friends of ours from Cheyenne WY stopped to visit with us for a couple days, Pam and Gary Wisecup.  They got in onTuesday afternoon and of course we went out for pizza!!!  Wednesday we went driving around - first to look for bluebonnets - but we ended up having a history lesson in Castroville.  It is a quaint small town with tons of history - it was settled by folks from the Alsatian region in France.  Very interesting, some lovely old buildings and nice signage to get around.  In our quest for bluebonnets we then drove to Devine TX, and although we did see 'some' BB's, not enough to suit me!  We had a fantastic lunch at Rocky's Grill - I highly recommend it!  Great food, nice atmosphere...definietely NOT texmex :)

Pam and Gary moved on the morning of the 18th - It was wonderful seeing you and sharing some sightseeing - next time plan to stay a bit longer and we'll do something really exciting (maybe we'll go to San Antonio and see a show!).

Then about 11 o'clock on the 18th, Ron and Kathy Bernard, our dear friends from Colorado came to visit.  Once again we put on our tour hats and off we went - we had a wonderful lunch at Bill & Rosa's (see pic of the 'lunch portion' of country fried steak), drove by D'Hanis brick foundry which still produces after all these years, as well as the church ruins and the old cemetary.  All too soon these good friends went up the road too.  Hey guys, we loved the tamales - and David loved the sauce.  When you come to the valley next year we'll order some ahead of time :) 

Today, David and I once again set off to find bluebonnets - and find them we did.  Here are just a few of the many many pictures we took - none of which do justice to the acres and acres of beautiful wildflowers we saw!

We've done much more this month - went to San Antonio with Walker and Evelyn Lane, where we shopped at Costco and had an early dinner at Golden Corral (talk about a huge buffet, wow), then we took Fran and Rich Tilgner in to have dinner at Johnny Carino's - it was as usual fabulous!  Since we will be here at least a year, we bought a BBQ grill on sale for $75.00...and that thing took us 3 hours to put together!  Why oh why don't they put clear directions on things...and mark the 'things' as well.  We've also participated in Ice Cream Socials, Card Bingo, regular Friday night Bingo, dog park playtime with Cinder every day, and lots of socializing!

Our friends Dave and Janet from Covington VA are on their way home - I think they are in New Orleans right now, but maybe they've already left there - safe travels our friends. 

I've volunteered to cook the hams for Easter dinner here, and I promise to get pictures - sounds like there will be a lot - so far we have 37 signed up - so lots of ham!

I won't promise to update more frequently - somehow the days are just flying by, and I have so much to learn, that by the time I get settled in the evening, the last thing I want to do is THINK !!! 

I would be remiss if I didn't say that the weather here has been gorgeous - we've sat out several evenings for 'happy hour' without jackets - 75 degrees and NO mosquitos.  Love it!


  1. Peggy - so good to just see your post. I wanted you to know we will be in Sequin (just east of San Antonio) from April 5 to April 11. Maybe during that week we can meet?

    Glad to hear the job is going well.

    We are enjoying our time volunteering with the NOMADS here in Jacksonville TX. However, today it is cold, windy, rainy with lots of snow fluries. Hey, I left NJ to be rid to weather like this!

  2. Let's see if we can meet on the 8th...send me an email with the address of where you will be staying...unless you want to come here to the SKP park in Hondo??? We can certainly come up there :)