Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feb 22 through Mar 2

Ok, lots has happened, and I'm going to plead that we've been so busy that I haven't had time to do this, and that is true.  However, we would be very remiss if we didn't recognize a couple events:

We treated Dave, Janet, Teresa, Rex, (Clara and Barbara were invited, but they just had coffee) to my sausage gravy and biscuits...and of course Janet made a wonderful fruit bowl, and Teresa made biscuits...it was all so good!

Lots of talking to Post Office, banks, etc., to get stuff straightened out - whew, I'm maybe halfway through.

A wonderful good bye dinner given to us by our friends, Janet and Dave - thanks guys, it was terrific.  We'll see you again, down the road. 

Two of the very hard things we had to do was to call Mom and Dad and tell them we would not be in PA for the summer - and to let Dawn and family (especially Ariel) know that we won't be in Okinawa over the holidays..  Both made me cry...

We're now in Hondo, and have two days under our belts - and we're still glad we came :) 

I'll try to get better about keeping this up - we'll see how it goes.
Joe getting a free H1N1 shot at Big Fisherman!
Here's a couple of mixed pictures - no particular order.
Last big group at Big Fisherman
Roseate Spoonbill in middle of pic!


  1. Peggy - unless Len get a temp job by Friday with one of his brothers, we will be leaving Louisiana next Wednesday. But probably up to Austin area to meet new great-grandson.

    Don't know where from there. One of these days we will catch up with you!

    Not been on WW thread for while. Internet reception in and out. I will try today.

  2. Hello Peggy and David....I'm following your blog now. I hope to catch up on your past blog postings in the next few days. Enjoy your fulltime RV life.